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Die ersten Eindrücke aus Kalifornien

Meine Erfahrung und Erlebnisse im ersten Monat in Kalifornien
Von Nele Bergmann
14. September 2022 - 1 Minute zu lesen

California State University Channel Islands – Camarillo

Vanessa spent her semester abroad at the CSUCI – California State University Channel Islands, Camarillo, USA.
Von Vanessa Hoja
27. November 2019

Camarillo: “Expensive Valley”

After the arrival of a few friends from our campus in California we began to take a closer look at the surroundings of Camarillo.
Von Lionel Schulz
4. Oktober 2019 - 1 Minute zu lesen

Go big or go home – welcome to America!

You’ll find some details about my life in Cali – maybe you’ll be the next one sitting here.
Von Vanessa Hoja
13. September 2019 - 3 Minuten zu lesen

California, we miss you!

So our semester abroad is officially over and it feels like it hasn’t even begun yet.
Hochschule Macromedia
Von Valeria Schenk von Geyern
29. April 2019 - 1 Minute zu lesen

Camarillo: Our California-Vibes and more

Anyway, there are two other topics we have to mention here. Last week we had a person at our univers...
Hochschule Macromedia
Von Berna, Neele und Valeria
14. November 2018 - 3 Minuten zu lesen
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