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Kuala Lumpur
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Die ersten Eindrücke aus Kuala Lumpur

Endlich in Malaysia angekommen! Der erste Eindruck der Uni, der Menschen und des Landes an sich ist sehr positiv.
Von Alexandra Stieben
26. August 2022 - 2 Minuten zu lesen

Take me back to the good times

Time has passed since all of us left our new second home Malaysia and I’m missing it since the day I got home. Every day was a new adventure.
Von Anna Lena Zepmeisel
14. März 2017 - 2 Minuten zu lesen

Kuala Lumpur and the rest of the world

Many weeks or even months passed since most of us leaved Malaysia, or, to be more precise, Southeast Asia.
Von Benjamin und Isabell
10. März 2016 - 2 Minuten zu lesen

Running in Malaysia – Living a normal everyday life? Not here!

So after these ten days we came home a little exhausted, but we had made so many experiences that we...
Von Benjamin und Isabell
27. Oktober 2015 - 1 Minute zu lesen

Crawling in Malaysia – our first weeks

About three weeks passed since the self titled German crew settled in Malaysia. Everyone dropped in one after another.
Von Benjamin und Isabell
25. August 2015 - 1 Minute zu lesen

Bye Malaysia, see u soon again

Being back home for around a month now I still miss the life, the people and obviously the nice and sunny weather we always had in Malaysia.
Von Jonathan Schmidt
12. März 2015 - 1 Minute zu lesen
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