3. July 2024 | Von Anh Kamila Urbanyi 

My Role and Responsibilities at Fabletics

An In-Depth Look into My Internship Experience

My Role and Responsibilities at Fabletics

Starting my internship at Fabletics has been quite a learning experience, full of changes and chaos. Due to lots of internal changes within my team, I had to learn everything that would be my responsibility within a week and a half. Despite the initial whirlwind, this challenge turned out to be an incredible opportunity for growth and adaptation.

As an influencer relations intern for the UK market, my role involves a variety of tasks that keep each day interesting and dynamic. My primary responsibility is sourcing influencers to join Fabletics. This means finding people who I think will fit our brand and reaching out to invite them to join our gifting programme. The gifting programme is where Fabletics gives influencers free outfits in exchange for content, and it’s a key part of how we market our products.

Each morning, I start my day by replying to emails and checking in with influencers. Communication is a big part of my role, as I need to ensure that our influencers are happy and receive everything they need in the right sizes and in the in the right location. Whether it’s answering questions, placing orders for their outfits, or coordinating content schedules, staying on top of emails is crucial (UK influencers are not very patient, they will reach out to your boss if you miss their email..).

One of the more creative aspects of my job involves putting together PowerPoint presentations, where I showcase our influencers’ content, track the performance of our campaigns, and plan upcoming projects. This task helped me improve my skills in creating visually appealing and informative presentations, which are essential in the marketing field.

A significant part of my role involves reaching out to new influencers. I spend a lot of time researching and identifying people who would be a great fit for Fabletics. This means scrolling through mostly Instagram for multiple hours a day,, checking out different profiles, and assessing their engagement and audience. Once I find potential influencers, I reach out to them, introduce Fabletics, and invite them to join our gifting programme.

Organising giveaways and influencer events is another fun and rewarding part of my internship. Planning these events requires a lot of coordination and attention to detail. I have to make sure everything is perfect, from selecting the right influencers to ensuring the logistics run smoothly. These events are a fantastic way to build relationships with influencers and promote Fabletics in a lively and engaging way.

The most rewarding part of my internship so far, is knowing that my work makes a difference. Within my first month, I grew the programme from 87 to 230 influencers, personally managing communications with all these people. This rapid growth was both challenging and rewarding, as I had to ensure that each influencer received the attention and support they needed.

My role and responsibilities at Fabletics can be very challenging at times. From managing influencer relations to organising events, and meeting deadlines, every task is an opportunity to learn (even if its how to be more patient). The skills I gain, the projects I complete, and the impact I make prove that interns do have a meaningful role at Fabletics.

See you next time with more insights from my internship at Fabletics 🙂

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