27. November 2013 | Von Laura Holder 

Last update from malaysia

As I promised in my last blog entry, I’ll show you a lot of pictures in this new and probably last post.

Last update from malaysia

Update from Limkokwing University – Malaysia

A lot of things happened in the last few month and everyone is packing the last things for their departure on the way to amazing backpacking experiences or to their way home. To compile our experiences in Malaysia I want to show you different collages of the awesome adventures we did.

The German exchange students in Malaysia decided to do a German Cultural Festival with the help of the student ambassadors of Limkokwing. On the 22nd of November we wanted to show the international students, from 160 countries, that Germany consists of more than just two cities. Skylines of Germany was the theme and with this topic we showcased seven different cities – Cologne, Dresden, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Bremen, Frankfurt – with their way of dressing, food, sightseeing and impressions from the cities.

The Festival was from 11am to 3pm and at 12:30 the performances started. Anna Weidner was singing two songs ‘Satellite’ from Lena Mayer-Landruth and ’99 Luftballons’ from Nena. Kathrin Schmelter danced her Cologne carnival dance with the help of an ambassador, Loay J Idriss.

Our grand finale was the fashion show. In this show we presented the different ways of fashion of eight cities: Munich is the capital of Bavaria and well known for the Oktoberfest and the beauty of the city; the inhabitants are very proud of their culture and local traditions, furthermore this is the reason for showing our Bavarian Tracht. Berlin is the capital of Germany and we presented the young and hip style that young people wear here.

Frankfurt and Düsseldorf had to wear a very chic outfit, to represent the chic and serious behavior of these parts of Germany. Dresden was renown for it’s residential city and was characterized by elegance and pompousness. Cologne had the style of carnival. Hamburg presented the red light district through very short and sexy outfits. Last but not least Bremen and this harbor city with their fishing culture is presented with an outfit prepared for the work at the sea.

I think when we’ll leave Malaysia it will be very hard – we found so many friends here and some of us left a piece of their heart here.

I hope everyone is having a great time!
Best regards from Malaysia and a lot of luck for all the exams and a lot of fun for travelers.

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