12. March 2015 | Von Jonathan Schmidt 

Bye Malaysia, see u soon again

Being back home for around a month now I still miss the life, the people and obviously the nice and sunny weather we always had in Malaysia. Especially the last months we had passed by so fast and all of us exchange students took the opportunity to explore Malaysia or the rest of Asia during the free time we had.

Bye Malaysia, see u soon again

Traveling in Asia is not only nice because you can see so many different countries and cultures but also because it’s quite cheap compared to traveling in Europe.

So I took the opportunity to visit Cambodia since a lot of people were telling me to go there. Other Germans went to explore Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar and Singapore. So you see there are lots of opportunities to go while spending your semester abroad in Malaysia. To give everyone a quick overview of Asia’s Beauty I’m going to show you some pictures.

Our semester and Malaysia itself was not always really easy and as comfortable as we are used to from Germany, but all of handled the ups and downs really good, and we can be really proud of us.

Overall I have to say there’s was not even one moment during the whole semester abroad in which I regret to choose Malaysia and the Limkokwing University for my semester abroad. Yes, you first have to get used to the way how Malays work and how slow things sometimes can go, but after a while you get used to it. Yes, the educational standard here is lower, but I’ve learned a lot during the courses and even outside the courses while meeting people from all over the world. Which is exactly one of the main points why I would recommend this University. The internationality and the way how all the cultures work together is unique.

In University they do not only celebrate Malaysian holidays, but also celebrate African and other Asian festivals. Different to Germany where you find mostly German students in University you find students from all over the world and definitely meet a lot of people who are going to widen your horizon. It is amazing how we became friends with people from totally different cultural, religious and social background where we recognized that we so many things in common. I would say it was an advantage not to have that many European students at the Limkokwing University, because therefor we had to get in touch with other cultures. This is an irreplaceable experience that we are all glad for. Being an International Student Ambassador I already met a lot of students with different cultural background during the first weeks and felt very comfortable being part of the big Ambassador family.

Many of us already have visited the friends they made in Malaysia, and I am pretty sure that all of us will stay in touch with them for a long time!

It was a time nobody will ever forget!

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