17. November 2014 | Von Jonathan Schmidt 

Time is running!

It is our last week in university now and the final exams are going to be done soon. After that all of us will travel through Asia and enjoy the last weeks before we have to fly back to Germany.

Time is running!

Especially Indonesia, Laos, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam or Cambodia are the popular destinations. It’s so crazy how fast the whole semester passed by. In already 5 weeks some of us are going to fly back home. It is definitely the time to summarize our semester abroad.

As all of you know we had a tragic accident in Langkawi where Alex passed away. It was a huge shock of each and every one of us and it was hard to deal with his loss. But the cohesion among our group was amazing. Everyone tried his best to support the people that were really close to Alex. All together we organized a memorial to take a leave of him. How the group stuck together during that horrible time was amazing, and the most important experience for me personally. To get that close to strangers within 2 months was an awesome feeling that none of us expected. Even it took some time until the normal life continued, everybody could close with the loss of Alex. Our Dekan Prof. Dr. Castolus Kolo flew to Kuala Lumpur to support us dealing with the accident. It was a great help for us wherefore we want to thank him.

The Limkokwing University

The student life here in Malaysia and at the Limkokwing University is really relaxed, and the standard is way lower than in Germany when it comes to classes, assignments and exams. The organization of the University is unfortunately not that good and sometimes pretty chaotic. Even we are almost done with our semester, we still do not have a student visa and no access to the student portal. But beside of that, Limkokwing is a nice place for socializing and to get in touch with people from all over the world. The plaza is the place to meet to have lunch or coffee, and even when people don’t have classes they go there to chill.

The Limkokwing University created a really nice community so that the students really identify themselves with the University. The student ambassadors organize Parties, Fashion shows and bazars and invite the students to participate and to bring in their talents. For example, last weekend the Limkokwing University hosted a big event for the King’s birthday, where more than 2000 people were invited u.a the Prime minister, the owner of the Limkokwing Univerity and many other important people from politics and economy. The whole event was organized by the student ambassadors and run just by students. Four of us participated as models for the fashion show where we presented the outfits that have been designed by students of the Limkokwing Fashion Club . A dance crew, a choir and singers entertained the guests and created an awesome Party. The event was really professional and an exciting experience for us. Especially for design and fashion students the Limkokwing University offers a lot of opportunities to self-actualize, because of events like that.

When it comes to Malaysia and Cyberjaya, it’s the people that make this country so interesting and exciting. All of us made friends from Syria, Pakistan, Brazil, Kenya, China and basically from all over the world. The variety of nationalities, cultures, believes and point of views is incredible and allows us to get insights we would never get in Europe. There is no day that we don’t have discussion about politics, the right way to live a life or religion. Even the views are different everybody tries to learn from each other and it is admirable how open minded the people are.

Even we don’t live in Kuala Lumpur itself we spend a lot of time there, especially on the weekends when we go out for party and shopping. The shopping malls are gigantic and the clubs and ars in Bukit Bintang offer any kind of drinks, food and music. At nighttime the city get revived and the people spend their evenings outside to have dinner and drinks. The lights of the city and especially of the Petronas Towers are incredible. It is definitely worth it to go to the sky bar right opposite of KLCC to enjoy the view. To go out for clubbing is always fun, even the clubs close down around 4 am.

Beside Kuala Lumpur there are not that many interesting cities in Malaysia, but the landscape is beautiful. Especially the small islands on the east coast like Redang, Tioman or Perhentian are awesome. These are the best places to enjoy the nice weather, the beautiful beaches and the untouched nature. For people who love to travel and hike Malaysia is country worth to visit. As Malaysia is pretty close many other countries and the flight are pretty cheap, it also a nice opportunity to explore a lot of Asia.

I guess that none of us regrets to choose Malaysia for the semester abroad and everybody enjoys it. Now we are going to enjoy our last few weeks or months (some of us stay here until February) and then it is time to say good bye and the serious side of life continues as soon as we are back in Germany.

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