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Crawling in Malaysia – our first weeks

About three weeks passed since the self titled German crew settled in Malaysia. Everyone dropped in one after another, kindly guided by some of the Student Ambassadors of Limkokwing University.

Crawling in Malaysia – our first weeks

Our fist days at Limkokwing were stuffed with scavenger hunt-like bureaucracy in order to register correctly and process our checklists. During these days the Student Ambassadors were really helpful. Because the early birds among us were nearly done with their registration, they were able to help those, who came later. We heard bad stories of the students before us, but the university has really done some efforts at this place, so mostly everything is finished now. Even though tiny rumours of certain weaknesses sneaked their way into our ears and nourished a uncomfortable feeling of anxiety, all of us were positively surprised by the conditions welcoming us in Malaysia.

Since Limkokwing is a university full of students from all over the world, everyone is open minded and willing to start conversation, in order to become friends. We already met lots of likeable people, and hang out with them. More to follow.

Apart from the well-known environment of University, we were eploring the surroundings of Cyberjaya and Kuala Lumpur. We knew before, that Cyberjaya is a city that is mostly lead by industries, however the possibilities surrounding us are wide-ranged. The city was built up during the last years, so especially the multiple malls are very young and provide anything we need.

We also headed to Kuala Lumpur (called KL by the citizens) several times with the innocent aim of checking out the clubs and bars accompanied by a bunch of friendly Ambassadors. Liquids with particular desired side-effects are not to get as cheap as in Germany. Yet it is a precious benefit to get to know the right people and places in order to make life easier.

To satisfy the tourist in us we visited some of the famous sights in KL, like the Petronas Twin Towers. This spectacular building beats itself in gorgeousness only at night when it is adorned with countless lights. To get an overview over the city we launched up the Menara KL, or Kl Tower. Hence we were rewarded with a fantastic sight of a sunset over KL’s skyline. As any other tourist, we also climbed up the steps to Batu Caves and the temples there.

When walking through the city instead of taking the train or a cab,  you can immerse into the city as the locals see it and experience all sides of KL. We discovered the new and shiny buildings as well as the citizen’s houses, which remain from the times Malaysia being a newly industrialized country.

Life at our home in Eagles Nest turned out to be cosy in the afternoons, since the home’s pool is mostly occupied by german towels. Further provided amenities were already tested by the crew and considered suitable. If the need of better (warmer) food, than the cantina serves, comes up, a Mall housing several restaurants can be found close by. The range of different meals and the levels of prices are various.

The apartments themselves are not meeting the requirements, due to the fact, that the rooms are arranged in communal residences rather than being private. Moreover the expectation of cleaned up rooms was barely fulfilled in some cases. To be fair, the stuff of Eagles Nest was endeavoured to restore our happiness afterwards.

In our next post we can describe more about our daily life in the university and experiences of our journeys.

Written by Benjamin Wahl and Isabell Ahlheit

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