12. October 2014 | Von Julia Schamanajew 

Keep Calm and London Baby!

We (76 MHMK students) have the honor to stay in one of the greatest cities in the world: London.

Keep Calm and London Baby!

The capital city of the United Kingdom, with its 13 million inhabitants, is an important anchor point in global economics, art, entertainment, tourism, fashion, …

The atmosphere in the city is unique as the life in London is very intense and vivid. The cultural offers range from Harry Potter to great historical museums and buildings. One of the historical, beautiful buildings is the University of Greenwich (or as we call it: Hogwarts).

Incredible impressive is probably the right word to describe such a university building because it reminds more of a palace. Located next to the river Thames it creates a memorable picture. Besides the historical background also the modern cultural significance has to be mentioned. „Sherlock Holmes“, „Pirates of the Caribbean“ and „Les Miserables“ were all here to shoot movie scenes. You never know, maybe we will meet a celebrity one day.

Besides the study building students have a few campus options to stay: Avery Hill, Greenwich, Panda House and Medway. Actually there are some parallels between american college movies and the real campus life: Solidarity, a little bit of chaos, the family feeling and of course parties. Every evening something is going on and it never gets boring (even nightly fire alarms can weld people together).

Our life here started with a lot of freshers events like Neonparty, Mask Ball, paper chase on the University ground, … These events made it possible to get in touch with different societies, with other students and cultures. Cultures here are so diverse like we’ve rarely experienced before. Every student has his own roots and stories to tell which makes the daily life very interesting.

After an exciting orientation week the real student life began. Besides the studies there is still enough time to enjoy the English lifestyle or for example to join one of the society or sport groups of the university. From rugby to Performing Arts almost every interest is met.

To summarize our first weeks on the English island: Life is just great, expensive and there is so much more to explore!

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