26. September 2018 | Von Nina Nägele 

A new start in London: Guide

Hi guys,

moving to a new country is a very exciting thing, so preparing yourself for your upcoming abroad semester is important. This post is just going to be a short guide of all the things you need to pay attention to:

A new start in London: Guide

If you ever plan on living in the dormitory, making a checklist of all the needed things is helpful to have an overview. Before I started packing for my abroad semester I made a list of all the things my dorm didn’t have. Things like kitchen essentials, daily necessities, and bedding.

Another important thing to do is to inform yourself about the country you’re staying in. Go to your healthcare and see if it’s supported in the UK. Stuff like that is important when you plan on going abroad.

Naturally moving to another country, you’re going to plan on taking all the needed things with you. I solved my packing problems by driving to London with my friend from University. So, if you have a friend who goes to London too, drive by car. Don’t take the ferry since it takes more than 2 hours from France to the UK. Instead of that, take the train from Calais; France. The whole drive only took half an hour.

A tip from me: if you ever want to live in the dormitory, try to get a room in the Daniel Defoe Hall. It is the best student hall at the University of Greenwich. The DLR is directly located next to the hall so if your family or friends ever want to visit you, your student hall is within walking distance. The supermarket is on your way to University, if you ever need something, you can just get it on your way back. Around the student hall, there are tons of restaurants and pubs including a cinema, you will always have different choices of entertainment.

Regards from London,


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