13. December 2016 | Von Stephanie Skarica 

Bye bye London – I will miss you so much! #livelearnlondon

I really cannot believe that I am packing my things and returning back home. It feels like yesterday I arrived at campus and got my keys to my student room. Well, at the end of this week I am returning them back! Unbelievable! Every experience I made so far studying in the coolest and most vibrant capital, London, is unforgettable.

Bye bye London – I will miss you so much! #livelearnlondon

The University of Westminster

The University of Westminster Media, Art and Design Department at Harrow is the best place for future Media and Communication Designers as well as for Graphic Designers to get inspired by module leaders and fellow students. The campus offers a wide range of facilities that can be easily accessed for your student work. It has a photography department where you can book a studio for your project. There is also a 3D Workshop studio in which you can explore more about arts and crafts and laser print your design outcome on a chosen material. There are no restrictions on your creativity. Our module leaders pushed our ideas further and helped to get the best out of us. Throughout the semester I really enjoyed working on a sketchbook, that along with our final projects, would be graded. This book should document our research, ideas, inspirations and project sketches throughout every topic. The messier, the better. So as I said, there is no limit for your ingenuity and you really get the chance to step out of the ordinary.

All modules we had covert mainly consisted of graphic design projects. Finishing up a website, visualising data, creating a poster or an artwork out of sound, all of them use graphic design skills. Being familiar with Adobe programs like InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop are advantageous for finishing work. If not, the module leaders will help you out through any project and will support you in every occasion. But don´t worry because you will definitely have a lot of interactions with all fellow students and you will be like a little family. You guys will inspire each other through idea sharing and work showing. There is a lot of criticism and discussions not only with your module leader but also with your class mates. This is such a great experience you can make in order to be more – I would say “expressionistic” – as for a designer it is always better to look beyond the horizon.

This development would not be achieved if I weren`t in London. This city is perfect for design students where you can open up your maximum potential and bring your ideas to life! In such a diverse city you get the chance to meet international people from all over the world and share your experience with each other.

Visit as many as possible

When you are there, get the most out of the city and visit as many of the 300 museums, galleries and exhibitions as possible! Travelling around the city will show you many historical and classical buildings as well as modern architecture. The perfect combination of old and new is amazing. You cannot get enough of London´s scenery and you are always busy with taking pictures, especially when it comes to the weird and wonderful.

Please, take the chance to visit Bath and Oxford as well! I really recommend doing the One-Day Harry Potter Studio and Oxford Tour as this was the coolest experience ever in my life! Even if you are not a crazy Harry Potter Fan, it is amazing to see how much work people put into the movie! You will see the magic of filmmaking, including the Great Hall, Dumbledore`s office, the triple-decker bus, the Ministry of Magic and so on. After the tour you will head to Oxford where you will have a guide who will show you the beautiful universities and historical spots.

Also visit Bath, even though it is a small city and the streets are very narrow, it is on the UK tourist trail. Make your study abroad extraordinary and as a media and communication design student I highly recommend choosing London as your top study location because there you really develop your full potential.

You will love London.

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