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Invercargill: Last Call

The semester abroad and its unforgettable time is unfortunately over. Therefore we would like to show you again what we didn’t mention in the last posts and what is still important. We would like to address above all those who still have their journey ahead of them.

Invercargill: Last Call

Important facts
You really need to prepare very well and early. For New Zealand, you need a visa and that takes about 6 weeks. There may also be delays or the New Zealand government may want to see more of your documents. And don’t forget: It is best to take your visa with you. To the counter at the airport, as well as for shopping in New Zealand. You are often asked for it!
As a hint for the flights, we can recommend a travel agency for you. The lovely staff will do their best to meet your expectations. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a question of flight duration, price, transfers or something else. You can also get offers on the Internet, but there are many more possibilities if you drop by personally.
As far as your personal documents are concerned, you should of course also check them for validity.

Topic Alcohol
Alcohol is a taboo issue in Invercargill. You can’t buy alcohol in public shops in this city. Of course, there are special shops for that. Please note: Everyone who is part of the group has to show their passport, even if they don’t buy anything themselves. This means that if, for example, five of you buy alcohol and the only one pays, each of you will still need to show your passport. Otherwise, it won’t be sold. An identity card is not valid!

Travel possibilities
New Zealand is a beautiful country with many hidden adventures. You can use different possibilities:

  • Every 2 weeks the provided bus from the SIT to Queenstown or Dunedin
  • Car purchase
  • Car rental company
  • Flights, for example, if you want to go to the North Island or directly to Christchurch

If you have any questions about excursion destinations, the SIT is also there for you and you can also ask the teachers for some tips.

The land is a lease of nature. From white mountains to the beach you can see and enjoy everything. You will see many animals and roads like in a dream. Of course, there are lots of spots for photos. If you like, you can bring a drone with you or buy one there and take breathtaking views with you. We promise you, when you are back in Germany, you will miss the juice green grass. Also in the surroundings of Invercargill, you can discover beautiful spots by short excursions along the coast.

Not only the landscape is to be regarded positively. In Queenstown (2 hours from Invercargill) you can pick up your adrenaline. There are many activities, such as the largest swing in the world. That’s what you must have done!
If you don’t have a university right now, we suggest you see as much as possible. In Invercargill, there is a public swimming pool and many sports you can experience. We were able to watch basketball and rugby games – for free! The SIT provides you with free cards for every home game/ match.

SIT/ Apartments
The lecturers and teachers are more than friendly. If you have a problem, they will help you. And by that we mean not only that for the SIT. If you have problems with the visa or are sick, they always have a solution for you. They want you to feel comfortable there and after a certain time, you do too. Also, when you visit the nurses, you will be grateful. These are competent people who will get you back on your feet.
Nevertheless, we would like to say one thing: If you have any physical problems before your trip, please make sure that nothing happens to you during your stay in New Zealand. The hospital in Invercargill is not as you know it from Germany.
As far as the apartments are concerned, there are of course rules that will be given to you on the first day. Paul is responsible for the apartments and of course, he wants the rules to be followed. Nevertheless, he will love you and be there for you if you have a problem. The same for Amy and Glenn. They are one of the warmest people we got to know.

So dear ones. We hope you could take some impressions with you and what is important for you. Even though Invercargill is not a metropolis, some places are close by. You will get to know a lot of nice people and their culture. We will give you our word: You want to go back afterward!

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