13. November 2018 | Von Clarissa Enskat 

Perth and the joy of road trips

Hello, from the other side of the world! Perth, 6th of November 2018 and 28 degrees. Summer has definitely arrived by now.

Perth and the joy of road trips

Before I talk about the current situation over here I continue where I stopped at the previews blog post and talk about my Coral Coast trip at the west coast.
One week in which I saw beautiful coast line, turquoise water and had a lot of fun with my friends.

The best part is yet to come. When I arrived at the Ningaloo Reef, we had the chance to book a day tour on a boat. We did not only sit back and relaxed in the sun, what the tour was about was: Swimming with Humpback Wales. An indescribable event in mylifetime. We were very close to them so I was even able to look the enormous whale in the eye. That was one of the best days in my life and wish everyone who considers coming to Australia the same experience. Besides swimming with the whales, we also went snorkelling and saw the reef with their inhabitants like turtles, manta rays and colourful fishes.

It was an unforgettable day!

After this week of exploration, I had to turn in a couple assignments within 3 weeks, which wasn’t too bad, because the next tuition free week was ahead.

This time I decided to go a little further and decided to take a plane to the northern territory. In Darwin, I rent a car together with a friend and we explored the beauty of the national parks, e.g. Nitmiluk, Kakadu and Litchfield.

Every day we saw natural pools, waterfalls and Australia’s wildlife. Be careful, when it’s dry season and forest fires occur.
When we hiked to one of the natural pools and waterfall we enjoyed a beautiful view but what we also recognized after a while was that the smoke which was in distance was coming closer. We had the feeling that we should head back to the car, which was a good idea in the end, because when we arrived, the fire was just 100 meters away from the car.

I don’t mean to scare you by that story but just want to give you an insight of a lot of adventures I experienced.

Another day another natural pool. I enjoyed the heath and cooled down in the pool called Gunloom. My friend I was travelling with, was going to climb up a rock to jump into the pool, but all of a sudden, he said he saw a crocodile. First, I thought he was joking but after I was going out of the water and climbed a rock to get a better perspective, I saw it too.

We thought we should let the other view people know but when we told them, the Australians just answered that it was probably a salty; meaning of a saltwater crocodile, which apparently do not seem as dangerous as the sweet water crocodiles.

It never gets boring here in Australia; people in Australia, including Perth are always in a good mood and why not. The weather is just beautiful, the beach is not too far away and there are a lot of activities you can do.

Due to the fact, I started in the summer semester at the Macromedia,
my internship happens to be right after my studies abroad.
As you might have noticed I like to be here a lot so I made the decision to do my internship here in Perth, Australia.

It is a lot of paper work but nothing is impossible if you really want something. That is one thing I learned.
My semester end on the 23rd of November and after that I will catch a plane and fly to New Zealand for three weeks, because I have to be outside the country for the application process.

If you like to travel, I think Australia is the perfect country to see a lot of different landscapes.

Not only inside the country is the variety big but also because New Zealand is so close and Asia as well.

Between ourselves, I am already thinking of goingto an Asian country after my internship before I’ll go to Uni in Hamburg in the beginning of October next year.

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