26. Oktober 2018 | Von Jessika und Elif  

Invercargill: All good, no worries

Hello dear student friends. The semester abroad is almost over, and of course, we want to keep you up to date. There are so many things we want to tell you. But why ’’All good, no worries’’? Well, that’s a classic New Zealander statement.

But first, let’s start with SIT University.

Invercargill: All good, no worries

English Language Program

Three IELTS tests have already been written, and we get an individual evaluation after each one. But before the IELTS test itself starts, there are a few precautions that are more familiar from an airport. As far as the test controls are concerned, it’s a matter of its own. There are several controls where everything is monitored. Pens, host bags, bras, and glasses will be checked. The test is currently taken by handwriting. As from next year, the test will take place on the computer in a similar way to our TOEFL test in Germany.

The tutors always motivate us and always involve us in the lessons. So, if you have any questions, you still get an explanation.

Academic Program

The students of the academic program could look forward to two weeks of holidays. Some of them flew to Auckland and others to the Fijis. Meanwhile, the retreat phase is also taking place, after the project work had to be distributed. Here in the program are more mixed cultures than in the English Language Program, which probably makes learning even more exciting.

Medical care

The SIT has its own nurses who can be visited by appointment, or of course in an emergency. The nurses are very friendly and have a solution for all concerns. Therefore it is difficult to go to a doctor in Invercargill. Also, the hospital is not well equipped without ultrasound. So just take care of yourselves! Of course, if something should happen to you, there is a solution. If it’s an emergency, a helicopter will take you to the nearest hospital. As a foreign student in New Zealand, it is important to have health insurance. This can either be taken out directly through the SIT or you can choose your own insurance.


Here’s the part you probably want to know the most. What can you do here? As we wrote in the last blog, Invercargill isn’t the best place to do activities. It’s best to buy a car at the beginning, share it and sell it at the end. You’ll always get along well with it. If you have one of your own, you can also better get to the nearest places, which are about 2 hours away by car. This will save you the cost of renting a car for the long run. The towns Dunedin and Queenstown are perfect for new things and activities. Above all, you can find your adrenaline needs in Queenstown. I Elif, have already conquered the huge Swing there and others have done Bungy Jumping. This experience is worth it! If you want to make yourselves comfortable, there are many recommendable places. Also the skyline. If you’re going to see more city, we recommend Dunedin. There is simply everything. Another recommendable place is Milford Sound, which is on the way to Queenstown. There you can take a boat trip and see dolphins for example.

If you find the time, you have to go to Auckland. There the big city feeling comes again and we can recommend you a Hop on Hop off tour.

But what do we do during the week in the evenings? Well, either we cook together or order pizza. We always play card games like Uno or Dutch. Guys, it’s just so fun, and above all, the group is bonding. On weekends there are also some basketball and rugby games, where you get the cards for free from the SIT provided.

Also, have you ever seen an Aurora? Well, you can do that here. On specific dates, you can see the Aurora and the SIT will inform you if you want.

So, folks, we hope you got a better impression of how life is here and what is possible. It’s just so lovely here and especially with the people. That’s why you can convince yourselves during your semester abroad.

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