13. Dezember 2019 | Von Nicola Chodan 

From late Fall to Winter in 30 days

Sveiki, just now it had 25 degrees and perfectly on time in October the seasons changed. Seasons in Lithuania come very separately and then with force.

From late Fall to Winter in 30 days

Summer in Vilnius was like you would imagine, especially the last days, people run out on the streets and try to soak in the last drops of sunshine and warm weather, before in late September the night got cold and the trees turned into all imaginable shades of orange.

Concerning University the fall was marked by the midterms, which took a lot of preparation time and effort. Midterms in Vilnius will make sure that your projects, which mostly span over the entire semester, will be in a good way and be assessed midway, to make sure you are going the right direction. That meant though, that almost all of Oktober we sat and worked on our projects. The system of midterms here is actually quite good because it makes sure you already did a lot of work from the beginning.

Soon after Fall, very quickly the temperatures dropped and the time flew. Suddenly November was over as well, and on the 30th basically, all of Vilnius gathered around cathedral square to watch the lighting of the big Christmas tree. And at once the Christmas time had begun. The city was filled with lights and the Christmas markets opened everywhere. Until now we spent most of our time standing under the giant tree and drinking Glühwein (or as it is called here: hot wine).

Time flew and soon most of us will be going back home for Christmas and coming back to take the exams.

The last three months were filled with fun activities and workshops, so here a few tips, where you should definitely go or what you should definitely do when you are doing a semester abroad or just a quick trip to Vilnius.

  • As long as it is warm do a Kanu tour along the River Neris
  • Visit the city of Trakai and the beautiful water castle, just not when it’s super cold because it’s a little walk
  • Gather your friends, rent a city bee (carsharing) and visit Kaunas
  • Visit the MMO, that is the Modern Art Museum in Vilnius, it’s pretty new and very cool
  • A quick tip for a bigger trip: Since 2017 there are cheap online Visa for the Russian enclave Kaliningrad which is bordering Lithuania and Visas to Sankt Petersburg, just try to get a guided trip and a visit should be very interesting

Finally, I can just say, my stay in Vilnius was one of the best experiences I ever had. The city is beautiful and the surroundings even more. So to anyone who wants to visit a country, the might know nothing about but still find parallels and relation to their own life I can only recommend Lithuania!

Iki and until next time


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