5. März 2020 | Von Nicola Chodan 

Saying goodbye to Vilnius, but definitely not the last time!

Sveiki, or should I change back to Hallo now? The last weeks in Vilnius went by faster than I could have ever imagined.

Saying goodbye to Vilnius, but definitely not the last time!

The atmosphere in the city was light, but at the same time a little bit sad, a lot of our fellow students who did a semester abroad in other universities were leaving the city before Christmas once and for all. The days before Christmas were filled once again with ‘Glühwein’ at the Christmas market and the first scheduling for the upcoming exams in Mid-February. Everyone started working on the final projects, trying to grasp an overview of what had to be done for the finals. I really recommend that, before going back home for Christmas, know what and how much you have to do afterward before the exams, you will do less than you’d expect back home!

After the Christmas break all the students returned to the VDK and the upcoming week was filled with exam stress. The exams or better said the presentations itself were scheduled on one single day and the grades came a week later. My fellow students and I really liked the way it was done because you could see everyone’s works and your own works were shown as well. The exams meant a lot of work but in the end, it was all worth it and manageable.

Despite preparing and working everyone tried to go to the museums, visit the clubs and got to the bars where they hadn’t been before. So here a few further recommendations and ‘Must-Visits’ in Vilnius, places I went to before leaving.

Vilnius – National Gallery of Art – Modern Art Museum of Vilnius, definitely worth a visit. Very new and big, you will need at least 2 hours if not more. If you are interested in modern art you can also visit ‘MO muziejus’.
Opium-Club – viewed as the most prestigious Techno-Club in Vilnius. With three floors and international Dj’s playing every weekend, definitely worth a visit.
The Three-Crosses hill – arguably the best view in Vilnius, sure Gediminas Tower is also up there, but you can climb the three crosses hill at any hour of the day and look at the city by night. A good way to welcome the city and say goodbye as well.
Of course, there are many other places that I wrote about in more detail in the latest blog e.g.: Doing a Kanu-Tour on the Neris, visiting Trakai, visiting Kaunas and more!
After spending 6 months in Lithuania, the thing that stuck to me most, especially as someone studying design is definitely the architecture and the way the city is built! It’s just the perfect size and it is so diverse in people, art and architecture.

As a final conclusion, I can only say, that the last six months were some of the best months I ever had. It taught me so much about different cultures, meeting new people and adjusting to different situations and places. Vilnius is a beautiful and vibrant city and someday I will definitely return! It’s a hidden gem and once you find it you immediately fall in love with a city you maybe have never heard of. The city is full of young people from all over the world and you will meet people that can become friends for a big part of your life!

Greetings Nicola

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