5. September 2013 | Von Slawa Hilz 

Country of smile

Thailand ist very impressive. You have got the `big city life´ in Bangkok, whereas beautiful islands and rural areas waiting for you in 200km distance (please don´t forget that climate is humid tropical, so it is raining very often).

Country of smile

But not only its geographical features are exciting. The culture is really different too. 95% of its habbitants are buddhistic where karma is a big issue – so everyone seems to be really friendly and helpful.

Maybe it is interessting for you to know that white skin is an ideal of beauty for Thai people (what does not mean that you are ugly if you are brown – western people are always interessting or exemplary for them). Constitutional monarchy is the governance in Thailand but Thais show much love for their king. It goes so far that you can come into jail if you insult the King, e.g. by kicking on a bill where the Kings face is imprinted. But you should not have such problems if you are not deliberately searching for ones.

Last but not least the heavy traffic should be mentioned. In the prime time you could wait more than half an hour in the jam.

Chulalongkorn University

Founded in 1917, Chulalongkorn-University ist the oldest and one of the most prestigious universitys in Thailand, named after King Chulalongkorn. Maybe that is one reason why everyone is proud of wearing the uniform. We as MHMK-students could decide on our own whether we want to wear it or not, but most of us wanted to experience the whole pleasure of beeing a Student of Chulalongkorn. Moreover the uniform looks smart.

The University itself covers a large area with big complex of buildings so we got a map to orientate on the first day. There is a fitness center, a large area for muay-thai, basketball and tennis court and even a open-air pool which we can visit for free (except we want to attend courses). For different subjects they have different buildings. We are studying at “Communication Arts”. Everyone of the university is really commited. One week before university started they have arranged an orientationday to warm welcome us and give some basic information about studies, professors, the university and some rules. In addition a buddy was allocated to everyone of us who helps us in any situation and showed the university to us.

Everyone is realy friendly, polite and relaxed. Nevertheless everything is structured, especially because one girl is managing communication between university and MHMK-Students. Furthermore our Professors are really commited and professional. Originally they come from USA or Australia but now they are living in Thailand having a successful life career and excellent references. The Professors have a lot of experiences and knowledge and transfer it with a lot of praktical examples to theoretical information – that´s why lectures are so interessting.


There are many possibilities to enjoy your free-time in and around bangkok. Bangkok has several streetmarkets and malls where you can buy nearly everything you can imagine. In addition you can go to the cinema or play bowling if you want to (just as a example). You never get hungry because everywhere are restaurants. If you want to explore the cultural side of Bangkok you can visit some beautiful tempels or museums. In the evening you can enjoy the beautiful view of Bangkok on some of the skyscrapers and have a drink. Afterwards there are several clubs to dance and have some fun. But you can also visit some areas around Bangkok. In the north it is more traditionial where you can visit the ancient city or care for elephants on a farm whereas you can visit many beautiful Islands in the south and going to the famous fool-moon party. In the internet you can find several recommendations or guidebooks to decide what you want to do.

You will also make some trips to the north with your University to explore some distinctions of thailand.On the 1th September we went to Klong Klone. We get there by bus and went on a little bambus-plattform by boat where we have eaten delicious seafood, fished in Klong Klone. Afterwards we have planted mangroves in a muddy forest – it was really funny for most of the students. Then we tried something like wakeboarding beeing pulled by a motorboat. Last but not least we went to Amphawa to see the floating market.


Everything is really cheap. You can eat for 1-6€ a day, depending on where, how much and what you eat. If you cook on yourself it could be even cheaper. Taking a Taxi costs you 2€ for 10km, and if you are not the only one who is sitting in the cab you pay even less.

But you can also take the skytrain or subway which is also very cheap. If you want to visit an Island near Bangkok you can pay 4€ and drive with a little VIP-Bus – it only takes 3-4 hours. Sometimes you have to pay a little fee of 1-2€ for visiting a temple. In a hotel you pay 180-400€ for a month, depending on how luxury your hotel or apartment is and if you are booking on your own or not. Most times it gets cheaper if you book for a whole semester.


Some of us had difficulties adapting to the different kind of food or climate. In the first month many of us had stomach trouble or similiar problems. We don´t know whether it depends on our stomach or on some street-restourants who don´t cock appropriately but we really don´t want to blame someone. Others rent a motorbike on an island and fell down accidently.

You also should be carefull about sunbathing – don´t underestimate the sun! Except such problems we did not have problems yet. Everything is really nice and we are enjoying our time at this excellent university and this beautiful country! If you want to find out some more about our experiences you can visit some blogs of our students. You can find some links below.

If you want to see more of Thailand you can check out some blogs of our students:

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