30. August 2019 | Von Katharina Sturm 

Bangkok: A city that never sleeps

So far it has been almost exactly one month since I arrived in Thailand and I can say that I have settled in very well and feel very comfortable. Not a day has passed since I regretted the decision to spend my semester abroad in this country, which is so completely different from ours.

Bangkok: A city that never sleeps

The arrival and accommodation

Due to the hurly-burly and the noise this fact about Bangkok can be guessed already shortly after the arrival at the airport. And so we were also immediately fascinated by the hustle and bustle that is so different to Europe.
In order to move around in this city, the most sensible way to avoid the traffic is probably to ride a motorbike. If this is too dangerous for you, you can take a taxi-meter or a “Grab” (works similar to Uber) for very little money. So did we after our arrival at the airport to get to our accommodation. The place where we live is called “Nonsi residence” and I can absolutely recommend it. The apartments are very clean, there is a pool where there is always something going on and you can get in touch with exchange students from all over the world.
The only drawback is that you have to pay extra for electricity, water and Wifi. Therefore, you should be careful not to let the air conditioner run unnecessarily.
At certain times there is also a free shuttle bus from there directly to the campus of Chulalongkorn University and in the best case it takes only 15 minutes (at peak times up to 40 minutes).
The university campus is huge and offers numerous facilities from a fitness studio to a free healthcare center.

Things to explore

Bangkok never gets boring in your free time either. It doesn’t matter whether you want to experience something here during the day or at night. If you like to go shopping or just stroll through markets you are in the right place.
Beautiful shopping markets we visited were: “Chatuchak Weekendmarket”, “Asiatique” and “Ratchada”. There’s nothing here that doesn’t exist. Beside the markets, you can experience the Thai culture in the numerous temples. In the paid temples, one usually gets free entrance if one wears his university uniform.
One is accompanied with everything what one does by a breathtaking view. Whether you enjoy a cool drink on a rooftop bar or just walk through the streets.
Also travelling in Thailand is very cheap. Thus, before the university started, we flew to Phuket for the equivalent of 30 euros. In addition, there are 3 more day trips planned with the university, which we are all very much looking forward to.

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