13. September 2016 | Von Sarah Fast 

Bangkok: The place to be!

Hey guys, it has been over one month since our semester abroad started here. But we`ve already collected so much experiences and memories in this big city!

Bangkok: The place to be!

I´m living at the Nonsi Residence Apartment in a calm region of Bangkok! It was definitely the best choice, because we have an amazing pool, a gym and a restaurant (that’s great because going out to eat is much cheaper than cooking by ourselves). Mostly all international students, which are studying at the Chulalongkorn University, are living here! So you are never alone here and we meet a lot of French, British, American and Spanish people here too!

Now to our university:

Like I said before, we`re all studying at the Chulalongkorn University! It`s the best university in whole Thailand. The campus is huge, like a own small city in the middle of Bangkok! So awesome!! Our classes are from Tuesday till Friday, that’s fantastic for us to explore the beautiful islands in Thailand on the weekends. Our professors are very kind, like all Thais here. I`ve never met such a friendly, helpful and warm culture before! There are a lot of group projects we need to do and also some homework :/ . In two weeks we`ll already write our midterms, so crazy how fast the time is running here!
Crazy is also the traffic here! Never saw so much traffic jam before! Very annoying after a long hard day in Uni!!

Besides the university and the whole learning, we`re traveling a lot. We`ve already been to Koh Tao, Koh Samet and Hong Kong! Sometimes you need to escape from this crazy hangover city and relax and Bangkok is the best point to start your journey! When you are in Bangkok you definitely need to travel and see the islands! They`re stunning.

Life is better at the beach

Hair get`s lighter. Skin get`s darker. Water get`s warmer. Drinks get`s colder. Nights gets longer. I mean life is always better at the beach right? The sunsets are beautiful, the fire shows are amazing and the food delicious. My next stop this weekend is Koh Phi Phi. I`m so excited!

Now to Bangkok:

It´s the biggest city I have ever seen! If you think you`ve seen everything here, you`re wrong, because there are always some places you haven`t been to. Bangkok is popular for the street food markets. The first time I visited a market I was a bit shocked, but after a while I`ve got used to it. The food here is amazing, so much delicious fruits and vegetables.

Also for the shopping queens is Bangkok the place to be! There are so many huge malls! You definitely need 3 days to explore one whole mall! But Bangkok has also an amazing culture! There are so many temples you need to see and it will definitely be an unforgettable experience!


I´m sure you have seen the movie Hangover. And yes BKK is the place to be if you want to enjoy some great parties and clubs. From Monday till Sunday you have the opportunity to have fun here! We`ve been often on the Khao San Road.It`s one big street where music is everywhere! You definitely need a few beers before you go there 😀 . Wednesday is Ce la Vie time! It´s one of the exclusive clubs here, with the best DJs and good drinks!

So what I learned so far in Bangkok is to be happy and proud about the life I have! The culture here teached me how blessed I’m with the life I have. Not everybody has the chance to study and have such opportunities in life like we have.

Enjoy your semester guys!

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