29. December 2014 | Von Benjamin Braun 

안녕 – Bye dear Korea

All exams are written, all presentations are conducted, last homework assignments are handed in. And grades are already coming soon. It is time to résumé the past four months, to résumé the exceptional situation “study abroad”.

안녕 – Bye dear Korea

The time in Korea is approaching its end and most of us are looking forward to finally return to our families and friends again soon. It has been a great time with lots of new impressions and experiences, that none of us would want to miss. To celebrate the ending of the past months we had a dinner party with two of our professors in a bar in the foreigners district “Itaewon”.

We drank, ate, listened to music, talked and had a great time. This was just the perfect graduation party with eventually all of the nine students united and went even better than most of us had expected – You know a party is fun when you have to change the location two times due to the bars closing time and everybody keeps enjoying. It was a great opportunity to recapitulate funny and unique moments and memories we had and also to create new ones right on the spot.

The first blog post from Korea this year was uploaded nearly three months ago. A lot has happened in the meantime, the list starts with company visits to Hyundai or various Media Companies, over to exploring Seoul and ends with a three day trip to beautiful Jeju-Island with Mike. Some students even use the time to visit other SEA countries like Japan or the Philippines. Even the weather changed a lot – from summer with sometimes around 30 degrees, over a colourful, dry autumn, up to a cold and not humid winter. Several times we had some snow and everyday around -6 degrees; sometimes even colder.

To sum it up: Seoul is an amazing city and we are glad we chose it to study at. It’s a city full of life and interesting things and places to discover. It had a reason to honour it as the “Design city”. There are a lot of interesting people to meet on the streets of Seoul, too. People are open to get in contact with you although the ambitious Koreans always have something to learn and something to do.

The time we spent in the school was neither too much nor too less, as well as the requirements of effort. The numerous company visits made studying more comfortable but also the time in university became nice because of friendly and helpful professors. The courses were just set well and the teaching material was interesting and appropriate. We would definitely say, that we really learnt this semester new, useful stuff – although all of us focused more on experiencing Korea, Koreans and Korean culture of course.

The professors are unique personalities who were very dedicated and understanding. We were glad to meet each of them. All in all it was a great combination of studying, getting to know the culture, trips, and leisure time. Everybody had great experiences and learnt something for ones lives for sure. Some of us even decided to stay a little longer and use the class-free time for more travelling or to get an even closer connection to the country. For the rest of us it’s time to get back home now.

Good Bye, Korea. Hope to see you again – soon. Maybe for the internship?

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