1. Dezember 2016 | Von Sarah Frick 

Beautiful California – becoming a part of us!

It is getting colder in San Diego and the leaves turned brown – rarely noticeable. And also rarely noticeable that the time to say Goodbye came closer and closer.

Beautiful California – becoming a part of us!

Enjoying the last chances of going to the beach, hanging out with the just met friends with whom we spent all our adventures and impressions with.

The last months were very exciting, and the events estimated. From the presidential elections over a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon to a Kanye West concert in LA. Experiencing the elections first hand and staying up all night, just to see the outcome of it. Sharing the thrill with the Americans, as if you were involved yourself, experiencing the disappointment and frustration, as well as the joy and success of the different parties.

In comparison to our first months here, where we just relaxed more or less all day long and enjoyed the Californian lifestyle with the beaches, longboarding and discovering the close environment, our last months were road trip months, in which we travelled as much as our schedule allowed us to. One of our trips was straight up to the north, at the coast along, starting in San Diego driving all the way up to Santa Barbara, passing Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Venice Beach and Malibu. The sea, beaches and places one is passing by are just awesome! Good music, the best girls ever and a bright blue sky is all you need.


A further trip is going more into the east, speaking of Nevada and Arizona. Our first stop was Las Vegas which is just a crazy, exciting and tacky city. Seeing all those famous sights and lights, trying one’s luck with gambling and walking down the strip. Thinking of movies such as Rain Man or Hangover, we were itching to go on the roof top of the Caesars, were all began. Crazy enough we made it over the elevator, stopping without a guest card before the last two floors, over several corridors and different stairways right to the top. And … we made it! Just like in the movie we stood there and enjoyed the view over the nightlife of Las Vegas, Jägermeister for everybody! (just kidding the last door to the roof was locked – at least we tried 😀 )

The trip went on through the desert to the Grand Canyon. Coming along all those little and lonely villages – some more or less pretty – meeting very friendly locals. Spontaneously we thought how we could experience the Grand Canyon in the best way and also getting the best view – let’s take a helicopter ride! Getting very excited about it, we went to the airport just before the entrance of the National Park, getting some information and before we knew it we had our tickets already in our hands. Sitting right in the front next to the pilot was already just amazing! We took off and flew into the direction of the Canyon. It was not very high, but there it was! The slope! As we flew over the Canyon it was simply breath-taking. None of us was able to say a word. We were just smiling and enjoying the ride. Looking one mile down at the Colorado river.

Our last trip we are planning to do is going a bit further up into the north over Monterey to San Francisco.

This diversity in landscape was already used in the film industry several years ago, when it was not possible to travel that easy and money was bare. The whole European landscape can be found in California and the states around it, from lakes and mountains to deserts over to the sea and beaches.

Furthermore, all the different holidays and feast Americans are celebrating like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Black Friday is worth the experience. Going to different street markets, from food, to vintage to the beach festival or at the Christmas Balboa lights – Californian life is happening outside.

And finally, rarely noticeable California became a part us. The sea, people, beach, city, friends all this is now a part of us and will always be in our hearts. We all cannot wait to exchange our experiences with our fellow students who were all in different places and got different impressions of cultures, people and lifestyles.

“Life is what happens to you, while you are busy making other plans.”

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