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Bangkok – Same Same But Different

I did really much think about what I could write you about my semester abroad.

Bangkok – Same Same But Different
Hey people,

I did really much think about what I could write you about my semester abroad.

Now, there are just 2 weeks left until this semester is going to an end. It feels like, 4 Months rushed by so fast, without even noticing.

Studying abroad is something really special, especially when you get the chance to spend this time somewhere completely different.

I had the luck to get chosen for the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. Take the chance guys! Its so worth it!

This University is one of the best in Thailand and well known by everybody. This Campus is by far not comparable with the Campus we are used to. The entire campus of chula is huge and there are so many things you can discover by taking one of the pink chula buses to drive around the campus. There you can find a stadium, 19 faculties, temples, important houses in which the kings lived, sport grounds, post offices and canteens.

Besides the bunch of attractions of the campus, you can also take a seat in the canteen to eat your lunch for 0,60€. To place your order is sometimes really adventures because of the communication problems- but you always find a nice Thai student who is going to help you with the translation.

City & nightlife

When it comes to the city, I recommend everyone to come to Bangkok. This city is like no other. In the beginning of the semester, everything seemed really chaotic, unstructured and dirty. Now, I truly like this city with its flaws.

Bangkok offers you almost everything; whether bowling, lasertag, historical temple, walks in parks, different sport activities, etc.

The nightlife in Bangkok can be really fun. There are several clubs and bars where you can spend your nights. You can nearly find everything you are looking for. Whether at the Khao San Road, the Sukumvhit 11 or the Soi Cowboy.

Go abroad

Use your time for travels, like I did. I went to Phuket, Koh Samet, Krabi, Kho Phi Phi,  Hong Islands, Singapur, Sukhothai & Kanchanaburi.

And there are a few destinations left I want to visit before I go back home.

Living thousands of kilometers away from home does change you in kind of ways. I learned a lot of things and started to be really grateful for what I have at home and how I grew up.

Because I am one of the last here to write something about studying abroad I would like to give you some advices which will fit in every country when it comes to go abroad.

Be open for new things. Try to adapt yourself as much as possible, even if it is hard. Make friends with local people. Try to learn the language, to be better in communication and interaction with the locals. Be spontaneous, be adventures, be brave, be smart, travel as much as you can and I promise you, this months are going to be one of the best in your life!

Here you can find pictures of my experiences while studying abroad in Thailand.

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