17. März 2014 | Von Maximilian Günther Messerle 

Was it all a dream?

When the semester was finished, in my opinion everything went too quick. At the day of the last test some people left back to Germany.

Was it all a dream?

And many of them were gone a few days later. When we celebrated christmas in San Diego there were just a bunch of people left. But yes, we had fun! Many of us grew together like a big family. A big crazy family to be honest but a lucky family.  We had so much fun and made so much stuff in the past months, you can´t describe all of that in one article. And we had 5 months of sunshine. In this time we had about four or five rainy days and yes, the rain was a joke in California, of course. Every american went crazy in this 30 to 50 minutes of rain but for us as germans it was nothing more than a chilled shower. But let´s not talk about the weather anymore.

The time in San Diego was totally awesome and we were able to discover so much in every possible division. California is so big and we needed much time to travel through all big places of interest. We had to speak much english, so I think we not just learned new words or new common speeches but we could consolidate the english in our vocabulary. Of course our business english like special business studies words and phrases was getting better but our normal spoken english was getting better as well. All in all I would say that the semester abroad in San Diego is the perfect mix between studying, traveling and fun at all.

When my flight back home landed in Frankfurt I had mixed feelings. Of course I was happy to be back home in Germany and to see my family and my friends again but I was sad to leave all the experiences in San Diego in memories.

When I stepped out the airport it was cold. Way colder than it was in California. It was kind of akward to hear everybody in every corner speak german. It was usually and odd the same time because you got accustomed to hear english everywhere. It was a cool feeling to understand everybody but to start speaking german with your friends and nobody could understand it. But when I first saw my family and my friends everything started to became kind of normal again. I changed my Dollars back in to Euros and I started to go to “Rewe” and not to “Target”. Everything seemed so small compared to America. When you look at the cars on the highway, in the supermarket, at the bottles or packages. For sure it was so different when you looked on the prices for example for clothes or gas.

And now, when I sit on the chair at my desk and I see all the souvenirs and memories I brought back home from San Diego I start smiling. I get such a good feeling when I think about this unforgettable time. New friends, new travelled places, new challenges and experiences. I remember everything like it was a wonderful dream. But happily I know…. it wasn´t…..and I want to thank everybody in San Diego for this time and in the name of all us a big thanks to our friends in Camarillo.

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