13. Oktober 2013 | Von Vanessa und Lara  

“There is no place like London”

This statement by Sweeney Todd directly fits to this amazing city.

“There is no place like London”

London is a place everyone should have been once in his life time because it is a pulsating city. There are many attractions you are able to visit like the London Eye, the London Dungeon, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Covent Garden,..

Unfortunately not only the list of amazing things to see but also the prices seem unlimited- prices in London are extremely high.

London is the third most expensive city in the world.

If you are planning to visit London you should bring a filled purse with you!

Our University is located in Greenwich, a small village directly at the river Thames with a little market and stores.In contrast to the small village our University is huge and looks a bit like Hogwarts.
Four buildings turn the walk to a lecture into a whole journey.

In our first week we had a warm welcome through a fresher’s week with a little fair and lots of giveaways.
It immediately felt like being part of this huge student body at Greenwich University.

The groups that were built up among the MHMK students by coming from a same campus opened really quickly and groups across different campuses were created.

In order to create a familiar MHMK feeling, we (the Student Ambassadors for this Campus, Vanessa and me) are planning a little event in a traditional pub near our campus.
Surely, this will be fun!

There had already been some parties and some of us had even been to an “Octoberfest” at Canary Wharf with German beer and German songs.

Others had been to the London Fashion Week sitting next to the catwalk.

Even on campus there are some really  interesting things to see – for example there was a huge film set last week and the campus was turned into a hotel and a tube station. Even bigger productions as “Pirates of the Caribbean” or “The Golden Compass” are set on campus. The latest film produced last year at Greenwich campus was “Thor 2” with Natalie Portman.

The University of Greenwich is worth a visit in any case and the people here are very friendly and cooperative.

Aisling Conboy who helps us with any problem is planning an event with us at the moment – A James Bond Treasure Hunt. We are going to visit original James Bond sets and tour through London on 26th October.

We are definitely looking forward to this event!

And we are looking forward to our further time in London as well!


So keep calm and carry on!

Many greetings from London!


Vanessa Davaroukas & Lara Niemeyer

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