24. October 2016 | Von Julia Richardson 

The London we know is just the surface

London just called and now here I am! The big city lights received me on the 15th of September, and in addition to that I had the pleasure to enjoy a Firework directly from my balcony. As you can see the picture below showes you the view from my flat.

The London we know is just the surface

I´m one of the students who didn´t get an accommodation on campus. But no panic there are a lot of other opportunities to find around the University. In my point of view I did a better choice with taking a privateaccommodation.

The first few days are really exciting, you get to know new Students from nearly all over the world. It is really impressive how everything goes, the first week over here called the „Freshers Week“ was a lot of fun. The well structured first week included litte games around the campus, working in mixed groups with the Erasmus students, presentations about how studying at Greenwich would be and the freshers fair.

I would recommend you to definitely go there, it is a lot of fun an maybe you will join one of the societies. And even if you’re not joining some of them, you will find a lot of trips organized by the students union. For example the choir is a really nice thing to to. There will be a show in the beginning of December in the chapel of our University singing christmas songs. Yes if you want to you can already feel that christmas is coming nearer in London.

Exploring the Hidden Walks around London 

I have already been to London when I was younger, so as maybe the most of us I have already seen the Big Ben, St. Paul´s Cathedral, Houses of Parliament and all the other touristic attractions. But I think London has so many other things to discover. All of the districts are different and have different vibes. The best thing to do ist to go by tube to the place you want to start and then just walk, walk around the city and open your eyes.

There are so many interesting things you will discover by walking through town. Lovely small avenues, nice markets and a lot of food! The weather in our first four weeks was sunny nearly no raindrop but it was a little bit windy. It is definitely worth it to walk around the parks London gives you.


I am a little food addict person so here are some places where you defiantly should go:

  • all time favorite is Ben´s Cookies I would Probably say that these are the best Cookies in the World
  • Borought Market- you can find everything in this market you will not get through this without eating anything with these smells
  • You defiantly should check out if there are any short time food festivals
  • last but not least the Greenwich market directly next to the University is also really nice


After the Freshers Week there were some nice trips organized by the Students Union one if ist was the trip to Brighton. It was a lovely Saturday morning the weather was absolutely perfect to go to the sea. It only took us one and a half hour to get to the coast of England. If you need to get our of the hustle and bustle Brighton is the best thing to do, just walk over the pier and enjoy the view.

The mostly reason to visit Brighton is the Pier. There are a lot of rides and attractions. But you can also find things to do Brighton town is big enough to find shopping places but there are also some small alleys with cute little cafes.

All in all I am really enjoying my semester abroad in London and I would always choose it again. There are so many things that I still want to do and I´m really looking forward go through steps who are made in many films.

The best example is Harry Potter, there is not only the universal Studios where you can go there are a lot of places you will recommend in town.

Please feel free to contact me if there are any questions or if I can help you finding the right University my email address is: jrichardson@stud.macromedia.de

Best Regards,

Julia Richardson

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