13. März 2017 | Von Stephanie Skarica 

Study abroad in London – an amazing experience!

3 months have passed since we returned back home to Germany and some quickly got backto their everyday life. A few started working and some enjoyed 3 months of free time.

Study abroad in London – an amazing experience!

To be honest, the time we have spent in London went too fast. I still can remember, when back in September 2016, we head to London Heathrow Airport with all our bags and luggage and I told myself: “Wow, we still have a plenty of time until the start of our 4th semester at Macromedia!”. Now, autumn and winter passed, it is the 10th of March and our 4th semester starts on Monday next week. Crazy how time flies so quickly! I truly believe everybody had an amazing time, made a lot of friends and had a lot of experiences during their study abroad. I am very thankful and happy that I chose London as my destination. The city is vibrant, diverse, huge, historical, international and incredibly awesome! You see people, buildings and attractions of every type. You meet people from all around the world sharing their individual stories. You learn to listen, to enjoy and to be more open. All these things made us grow and develop further, either in our actions or our thoughts. These experiences will always remain with us.

Regarding our studies, the teachers helped us to release ourselves from strict thinking, ideal perfection, clean and neat assignment work. Expression, artistic and critical thinking were more important than showing perfect work. At the beginning it wasn´t very easy for us Germans to produce messy work and create a lot of sketches for brainstorming, but in the end we have understood what’s important and have successfully submitted our work the second week of January. Every project was followed by a lot of discussion and individual tutorials with teachers. They really helped us in creating new ideas and inspired us by giving different perspectives. Those tutorials were organised by the teachers themselves and every student had to attend. I would recommend participating in every session. Also, they gave us detailed feedback on our final assignments which I find very essential for future designers.

All in all, I want to thank everyone who made this fantastic study abroad time unforgettable! This unique experience cannot be replaced by anything else.

We will always look back to all the amazing memories.


Thank you University of Westminster #livelearnlondon

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