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Personal highlights, monthly living costs and how to afford living in London

London has become my second home, my happy place and the greatest memory of my life.

Personal highlights, monthly living costs and how to afford living in London

Personal highlights

University life
When I look back at my experience in London and at the University of Westminster, my heart is filled with joy and incredible memories. I definitely can see my personal growth and increase of knowledge and skills in the design area. The university’s modules during my semester abroad were both challenging and interesting. I never even thought of being able to design with wood or create a VR experience on my own. Furthermore, I got taught different programmes and techniques which also increased my self-confidence. The tutors and other students were incredibly welcoming and lovely from the very first moment. They made me feel like a member of their community; like a part of the University of Westminster. You could literally feel all the creative vibes and joy when entering the university buildings.

Life in the Harrow Halls
Being surrounded by people from all over the world bringing in their culture, knowledge and character into the Halls made me feel like I was part of a big, loving family. My flatmates and I enjoyed cooking together and having games nights in our mutual kitchen. As we were all from different countries and even continents, we taught each other recipes and words from our home country. I am proud to say that I now have international friends, who I will visit in the future and share incredible memories of London and the University of Westminster with.

As soon as I arrived in this beautiful, vivid city I fell in love with it. All its amazing architecture, landscapes and people make this place so unique and breath-taking. London captured my heart the second I left the airport. And ever since then my love for England’s capital has grown. Wherever you go, you will always find something new. Overall, this city and its atmosphere are incredibly inspiring, motivating and fulfilling.

Monthly living costs & how to afford living in London

The value of living and studying in London is more than worth investing in, as I took something with me that can not be bought with money: unique experiences, personal growth, international friendships and ongoing memories.

Being able to study abroad is a valuable gift. Not only is it an important step in your studies but moreover it can shape you and your future. And what could be worth more investing in than yourself? London for sure is an expensive city to live in, but I promise you it will pay off. This place offers things you would not even dream of. It opens up possibilities, experiences and contacts that you will not find anywhere else.

This infographic provides you with a rough monthly overview regarding the living costs. Of course, this varies from person to person and depends on your budget. I know this might seem like a lot, but I promise there are options for everyone! Below you will find some essential tips on how to afford London on a budget. Always remember it is you, your education and future career you invest in.

How to afford living in London (on a budget):
Apply for Auslands-BAföG or PROMOS scholarship

  • Apply for Auslands-BAföG or PROMOS scholarship
  • Work full-time during the semester break & put aside some money every month (as a student in Germany you are allowed to work 40 hours a week during the semester break)
  • Look for a job abroad in London (many restaurants are hiring students)
  • Use special offers at supermarkets like Tesco and Sainsbury’s (they often reduce things that are close to the best before date)
  • Take the bus instead of the tube (or rent a bike / walk)
  • Many shops offer student discounts, just ask a staff member
  • Check out http://www.londoncheapeats.com/ for affordable meals at restaurants
  • Work as a freelancer, for example on https://crowdskills.com/
  • Apply for jobs on https://engage.westminster.ac.uk/ (the university’s own job portal)
  • Eat out in pubs or at street food markets (e.g. Portobello Road Market)
  • For leisure, visit some free attractions (most of London’s museums are free)

In London I finally found what I have been looking for ever since: self-confidence and fulfillment, international friends and contacts, improvement of skills and knowledge, as well as my second home and my true self.

Thank you London for all the unforgettable memories!

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