2. Dezember 2019 | Von Ashley Aurin 

Seoul Fashion Week SS2020

After New York, Paris, London, and Milan Fashion Week – Seoul has become one of the prominent fashion-week locations of the world.

Seoul Fashion Week SS2020

Initially, one of my goals was only to visit Dongdaemun History & Culture Park, because of the remarkable architecture work of Zaha Hadid who won for her extraordinary contributions the highest price in her field – the Pritzker-Price.

However, I got to know from friends who major in fashion that this building-complex is the hub of Seoul Fashion Week. From the 14th of October until the 19th I went almost everyday to witness the hype of SFW.

I enjoyed that people from around the globe participated in this event. The Seoul collection mainly had a series of the top Korean designers and newcomers, but I appreciated that everyone is welcome to visit Dongdaemun during that event. I heard that there were other locations for certain shows, but a lot of them took part in Zaha Hadid’s building complex. People who are deeply interested in fashion and the designers, people who are trying to determine the latest trends, or those who have happened to develop interest in fashion only recently, they all met in one location. A lot of them were just ordinary people, yet, they used this opportunity to showcase their styles – either in a group or individually. Unlike other places, it was great that you did not necessarily have to be invited to see certain shows, but SFW gave the public the opportunity to buy tickets as well. SFW is one of the largest fashion business events in Korea. It additionally makes sense to me, why so many potential models present themselves during this event, because they know that the chance of meeting important people who work in the industry is higher. You would find professional- and amateur photographers in every corner. My sister asked why I went to this location out of my own volition almost every day, only to take pictures of the people. Well, besides from my eyes getting aesthetically pleased, I enjoyed the environment SFW provided in Dongdaemun. In the surroundings I would buy fashion items, visit different firms (e.g. baskin-robbins, missha etc.) who displayed products and photo-/ video booths, or grab some bubble tea or lunch in the building beside. My friends and I enjoyed the entire experience, because it was more of an inclusive event than we could have ever imagined. We were able to make new acquaintances and discover styles that we would have never seen in European countries (at least not yet!).

If you are interested to be updated in what events and locations I have visited so far, you can visit the Instagram Page called: macrosinseoul

There I post pictures and stories of interesting events and locations of South Korea!

Cheers and greetings from Seoul!

Ashley & Kai

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