5. December 2013 | Von Le Yen Thanh Nguyen 

Seoul is addictive. You will come back.

This might be the last update since our semester ends soon. In the next 20 days, the first of us will be leaving for Germany and spend their Christmas/New Year there. The others will stay until next year.

Seoul is addictive. You will come back.

The most significant thing that has changed since the last update is the weather. Autumn’s very beautiful in Seoul! The colors are impressive.

Last months, we’ve been to the North Korean border which was very interesting! The South Korean soldiers were standing there in case something happens to the tourists. On the second picture you can see the white building. That’s North Korea!
So, geographically, we all have been standing in North Korea. The border goes through the blue houses you can see on the pictures. The third photo shows real North Korean money, you were able to buy it in a shop.

We’ve also done many company visits with our professors! They arranged meetings with Hyundai Motor Company headquarter, Harper’s Bazaar/Esquire, BMW office etc.
It was very interesting to talk with the brand managers and CEOs in order to get an insight of what it’s like to work in this country as a foreigner and to get to know how to handle cultural differences. Also, some of them were willing to give us their business cards for us in case we want to do an internship.

In Seoul there is a river called Han River that divides the city in two parts. We did a boat trip and enjoyed it very much!
After that we visited the Seou Lantern festival which was very beautiful at night.

Another place you have to visit is the N Seoul Tower. It is really a place for couples, there are so many love locks!
However, the view from above is amazing!

As you might know, South Korea is surrounded by the sea. So, we thought we had to visit the biggest fish market here! Even though the smell was hard to bear, the visit was so worth it.

Currently, we are all preparing for the final exams within the next two weeks.

All of us are very happy with their choice spending the semester in South Korea. Some even consider doing an internship in this country as well, others will be coming back for vacation. To sum up, Seoul is addictive. You gotta come back.

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