25. Januar 2018 | Von Cora Jasmin Aufdemkamp 

Viso gero means see you soon!

Làbadienà, Hello everyone, and a happy new year!

Viso gero means see you soon!

Right after my last post, the midterm reviews at the Vilnius college of design began, in which every student had to present their so far progress in every practice class. We germans had three days of midterm reviews in total, as we had one class in the graphic design department, one in the creative industry department and three classes with all the other Erasmus students.

Here comes a short overview of all the projects we had to present:

Typeface Anatomy: Copy of a given scribbled font with illustrator and creation of a whole alphabet out of these letters.
Movie Industry Project: The so far progress in our documentary about the independent generation.
Visual- and Motion Design: Storyboards and moodboards to opening credits of our chosen TV series and movie.
Interface- and Interaction Design: Abstract and new music player with description and a self-build prototype.
Business Planning: Presentation of our project ideas, that we wanted to realize in Vilnius

All the projects were a lot of fun but also it took a lot of our time to make them really good. The Midterms worked out quite well for all of us, but some teachers were really hard to convince and satisfy.

After the midterms, my family visited me for a weekend and I showed them the city and also the near by castle in Trakai. The weather was quite rainy most of the time but still we enjoyed it and especially the delicious food! A few weeks later, my boyfriend also visited me and I enjoyed it very much to have a short break from all the stress we had in college. 🙂

From the midterms on, we kept on being quite busy with all the projects we had and also with the two tests in the theoretical classes lying ahead of us. Still we had time to visit the big shoppingcenter Akropolis or to hang around in the cute cat café, where you can have some food and a coffee, while kitties walk around your legs. We also made a funny shooting with our mentor Mindi, for his visit at Macromedia in Germany, some of you may even have met him during that time. 😀

After one really stressful week at the end of November, where suddenly all our teachers decided to overload us with tons of work, we needed a break and went to the seaside to get out of the city and away from all the stress for a short time. We went with the train to Klaipeda, the 3rd biggest city in Lithuania, that once belonged to East-Prussia and from there we went on to Palanga, our final destination. In summer, the city is known to be a big party city but in the winter months, it is rather an empty winter paradise, but that was the perfect rehab place for us. We booked a sweet and small apartment for the three of us for one night. We enjoyed the hours at the Baltic Sea very much, though the weather was not the best on our first day. In the evening we watched some funny movies and enjoyed a delicious instant soup. On our second day, the sun cam out and we enjoyed it even more to walk over the almost 500m long landing bridge, that reaches into the sea. After the nice and sunny morning at the beach, we went back to Klaipeda and ate in a really fancy restaurant a very delicious burger. From there, we went back to Vilnius, our current home.

By time, the finals in January came closer and also the final tasks became more and more clear and working was now on the schedule. I am almost sure, that we worked through the whole December like crazy without breaks! The only short breaks we had were some birthday parties or a short visit at the beautiful but small Christmas market at the Vilnius cathedral. Also we went out to enjoy the huge amounts of snow, that finally, suddenly fell from the sky. More and more we really were looking forward to Christmas at home with our families… Not even the chocolate advent calendar could help to shorten the time faster…

But then – finally – the time was there, it was the 23rd of December and we flew home to our families. I really enjoyed Christmas and New Years Eve with my family and friends. We had the Lithuanian traditional food Zeppelins on the 26th of December, because my family enjoyed it so much, during their stay in Vilnius. After that relaxed time in Germany, it was even harder to fly back to Vilnius for only two weeks…

Anyway, there was no other option, we had to come back for the finals. The first week of January, we prepared the last things for our Final reviews, which began on the 8th of January. Again, we had to present our Projects in front of everyone, who was interested in them, on three different days.

The final projects to present were:

Typeface Anatomy: Behance post about a chosen typeface and a monogram with our initials, including also a Behance post.
Movie Industry Project: Our final video series project result on Facebook about the independent generation.
Visual- and Motion Design: Final opening credits of our chosen TV series and movie.
Interface- and Interaction Design: Prototype of a new music application with persona, description and visual language.
Business Planning: Presentation of our final group project: A Website for students, who come to Vilnius from abroad.

All of the finals worked out quite well and also the grades were really good, except the ones for typeface, because the teacher was not easy to handle and even worse to satisfy! But still, we all can be proud of ourselves and the cool projects, we developed during our semester here! 🙂

But then, our last day together came and we had to say goodbye to each other. It was sad and also really weird because you couldn’t realize, that you don’t see these guys anymore, which who you spent the last few months, but in most cases that definitely rather was a „See you“ than a „Goodbye“!

Now we are back at home with our family and friends. All in all I’m glad, that I finally have semester holidays and can sleep in my own bed again now but a part of me also already misses the friends I made back in Lithuania, but we will definitely see each other again! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the post! My final conclusion about the college, Vilnius and Lithuania comes in March, until then I wish you all the best!

Viso Gero! See you soon!

Cora 🙂

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