21. November 2018 | Von Stéphane Gasquard 

Prague: „The city of opportunities”

In today’s article, I want to share with you what I know about the university where I decided to go to do my semester abroad: UNYP! It has been 3 months since I first arrived in Prague and started my semester abroad. I have learned a lot and discovered that Prague is a city with multiple job opportunities due to the fact that there is a lot of international companies who are present in Prague.

Prague: „The city of opportunities”

What is UNYP?

UNYP is a University located in the heart of Prague, in Prague 2. It is close to the station “I.P. Pavlova”. In 20 minutes by walk, you can access pretty much anything in the city center of Prague. UNYP stands for “The University of New-York in Prague”, and is a private university in Czech Republic with many accreditations from various country such as US, UK, Germany, and Czech Republic. Thanks to UNYP partnership with US universities, some of their 4 years bachelor program gives you two diplomas, one from UNYP and one from their affiliated US university! UNYP is ranked number 1 in Czech Republic, which means that it provides the best education and opportunities to its students within Czech Republic.

UNYP, as Macromedia, prioritize the connection between students and teachers, therefore there never are too many students in one class. There are usually 20 students per class. UNYP offers a lot more than just small classes, it offers an international environment to grow up. There are students from 60 different nationalities and teachers from 30 different nationalities! Another advantage from studying at UNYP is their organization and their services. UNYP has one platform online where everything is available. You can find your grades and attendances, all the info related to your classes, you can access the career office page where you can find out about jobs opportunities in Prague, and so many other functions. Thanks to the career office page I found my internship at ABInBev, which is the biggest beer company in the world! UNYP has 3 sports team which are known as “The Blazers”, they have a football team, a basketball team, and a floorball team.

In case you are not a sports person, there are other activities that are organized by the student council, such a yoga classes, or a puppy get together where students bring their dog to school! If you are a UNYP student, you will get discounts in a lot of different restaurants and shops! For example, there is a Costa Coffee right next to the university and a lot of students like to go there to study and enjoy discounts on all Costa products. The UNYP card does not only gives you discounts, it also gives you free access to a gym located in the heart of Prague and to a swimming pool!

Extra information, if you are a student, you get a discount on public transports. A 3 months ticket for public transport in the city of Prague will cost you only 350 CZK, which is around 14 euro only!

How does UNYP work & opportunities in Prague?

Before going any further, I would like to speak about some specific traits about UNYP that I would have appreciate to know before choosing UNYP as my semester abroad. Don’t get me wrong, I do not regret my choice at all, on the contrary, I am very happy with my choice, but I do like to know everything about the school where I will pass my semester abroad and not learn about crucial information on the first day of class. Two important information that I wasn’t aware of where the following:

– The grading system used by UNYP is the American system, which means that your grade will be from A to F, and secondly
– The failing grade for a test or a class is 70%! Yes, it sounds very hard, and it made me feel uncomfortable and insecure on the first day, but with the time I can tell you
that it is not that hard to hit an average of 70% for each class for multiple reasons.

The grade of each class will not be based on one final test at the end of the semester. The final grade is divided between:

1. Participation and attendance to class: If you decide to go to Prague for your semester abroad you will have 5 classes, and each class will be once a week. UNYP has a rule that if you miss one of the 5 classes more than 3 times over the semester, your grade will be an F (Fail). Participation and attendance will always be 10% of your final grade, therefore, the more classes you miss, the less free points you get.

2. Homework: Teachers in some classes do not give homework, but if they do you will be informed by them at the beginning of the semester

3. Mid-term exams: The term “mid-term exams” can be tricky here because when we speak about exams we usually think about written exams, but at UNYP it is not the case. Your mid-term exam can be; a written exam, a power point that you need to send to your teachers or a presentation. In some cases, you might not even have mid-term exam, which happened to me with my microeconomics class.

4. Final exams: I cannot give you more information about final exams since I did not have them yet, but it should be pretty similar to mid-term exams.

While studying at UNYP there will be plenty of opportunities to network, to learn from big companies, and if you are motivated opportunities to work for some of the biggest companies in the world such as Honeywell. During the three months, we received the visit of the marketing director of the central Europe zone of Lindt, someone working for Unilever which came to speak about their marketing strategy and their branding strategy, and we got the opportunity to go to the offices of the marketing agency McCann which is one of the biggest marketing agencies worldwide! UNYP also holds TED TALKS once per semester, but unlucky the TED TALK was canceled this semester. If you are looking to get some experience in an international company while doing your semester abroad Prague is the perfect destination. The career office of UNYP will gladly help you find a job that suits your requirements and you call also use other platforms such as glassdor.com to find your opportunity.


To sum up everything I said in the blogs, and my opinion, Prague is an amazing city with amazing opportunities. It may be true that Prague doesn’t sound like the most exotic destination to go or might not be as exciting as going to a city in the US or in Asia but what I can guarantee you, is that if you are looking for quality education and opportunities, Prague is one of the best destinations, if not the best. Also, do not forget that Prague has an amazing nightlife!

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