16. August 2019 | Von Clarissa Enskat 

My last expressions from Perth but experiences for a lifetime

I’m pleased to tell you that my semester abroad has been one of my best experiences in life.
Not only in an academically way I learned a lot but also in experiences.

My last expressions from Perth but experiences for a lifetime

We all know English is important to be good in and you definitely going to improve in it when you go to a country like Australia. But today I want to talk about my experience in an ordinary way if you like to call it that way. An ordinary day is actually not ordinary, because I feel like it’s much more special than that.

So, for example, when I was standing at the Curtin Central bus stop today, I was looking for the right bus stop and a random guy just asked if he can help me find the right stop, which I thought was very generous. So, I sat on the bench to wait on the bus and looked up in the sky, which seems to be blue every day. The sun kissed my skin and birds flew by, but it wasn’t birds, at a second glance I saw that they were parrots.

I feel like nature and people are in such a better mood here. The positive energy uplifts you and that’s why I felt in love with this place.

I want to give you some insider tips if you consider going here. So, what a fun activity with friends could look like is to rent kayaks and float down the river. The swan river goes directly through the city and passes Langley Park, with it’s famous LA looking street with a palm tree-lined avenue.

Another good time I had was at „The Bird “. A bar with live music in the inside and an inner courtyard with cozy seats, lampion light chains and view on skyscrapers.

A must do is: having a picnic at Kings Park. Not only the botanic garden is right next to it, which looks lovely but also the view on the city is breathtaking. On hot days sitting in the shade of a palm tree is a good escape from the heat.

You definitely have to go surfing mate, it’s Australia! Either kitesurfing or normal surfing is a typical outdoor activity the Australians like to do. I already knew how to kitesurf and surf before but there are plenty of schools, where you can sign up for courses. Little insider tip, if you choose surfing you better go before 12pm, that’s when the swell is the best. Scarborough Beach is a famous one to do so. I prefer this beach not only because of the surf, but also for the little shops just in front of the shore.

You can for sure find surfer shops where you can spend all your money or have a sundowner in one of the beach bars and restaurants.

Between the beginning of November and end of April, every Thursday evening there is a “Sunset Market” happening. The atmosphere is very nice with a DJ playing calm electronic beats and lots of food and clothes trucks where people enjoy strolling.

One last recommendation for you. Of course, a restaurant Highlight can’t be missed. So, I love views on the beach. Therefore, I recommend Il Lido at Cottesloe Beach for some good Italian food and wines. It’s not the cheapest but for the good food, original interior and beach view not too expensive.

That was it for now, I hope you got a better impression of how life is in Perth.

Feel free to message me, you got my name, so I would be very happy to help you with any question you have regarding Perth. Even though the city and surrounded nature speaks for itself.

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