2. December 2019 | Von Lara Johnen 

Goodbye Bangkok – it was a blast!

Time has flown by! Yesterday we wrote the last exam and so the semester at Chulalongkorn University is already over.

Goodbye Bangkok – it was a blast!

Hello! One last time from Bangkok

It was a very impressive time and we all grew a lot from it.

To celebrate the farewell we all went on a dinner boat trip over the Chao Phraya. A few of us will soon fly home and others will stay here and travel around. I have also planned to stay until January and travel through Asia. I think since I am already in Bangkok that would be a good idea.

In the last weeks we had two great cultural activities with the university. We visited a traditional puppet theatre and were allowed to try our hand at puppetry. Furthermore, we celebrated the traditional festival of lights and made beautiful flower arrangements which we let on the water.

We recently made a short trip to Hong Kong. After about a three hours flight, we arrived there and explored the city for four days. I can really recommend Hong Kong, it is a very international and versatile city.

Maybe you’re wondering if Bangkok is the right destination for your semester abroad. Therefore, I would like to say a few things:

I think if you choose Bangkok, you should be a very open person. Bangkok is a huge city and the culture here is very different than in Germany. In the beginning you might be a bit overwhelmed, but that will quickly subside. You should be open to the culture and behave respectfully. For those who don’t like big cities, a lot of traffic and trouble, Bangkok might not be the right choice.

One should also like Thai food, because it is very expensive to eat western or european food in Bangkok. We imagined Bangkok to be a bit cheaper in general, but we got rid of a lot of money here.

Bangkok is ideal for people who love to travel! From here you can reach the best places cheaply and in the shortest time. We were on many islands but also in fascinating cities like Singapore and Hong Kong. Due to the fact that the lectures are very well laid out, one has enough time to travel on weekends and also on certain days during the week. If you are prepared to leave your comfort zone and experience many adventures and things that you will never forget, then I can recommend Bangkok. Everyone here has experienced the city in their own way: there is something for everyone here, and I really have the feeling that each of us has matured and evolved from this experience.

If your semester abroad is coming up next, I wish you a great time. Be open and adventurous, then you will have the best time ever. And if you’re still facing a difficulty to choose: Listen to your guts, but also talk to the students from the older semesters. Everybody feels differently and therefore you have to decide independently what suits you best. At first I didn’t want to go to Bangkok because I had a lot of prejudices. 

But now I’m sure it was the best decision ever and I would do it anytime again.

Best, Lara

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