6. March 2019 | Von Maria Bui 

Cheers London! It was awesome!

Being able to study abroad is a luxury. I had a few up and downs at the University. But if I exclude that, London was quite a blast.

Cheers London! It was awesome!

Not only did we get the best weather there, we also experienced the diversity of the city itself. It doesn’t matter what you study or what you are interested in, London covers everything. From US candies to Korean BBQ, from karaoke bars to a five-floor toy store.

So, for the final conclusion I will sum everything up, recommend a few things and give you a few tips on saving money.

Greenwich University – Robert Downey Jr. walked there

The University of Greenwich is surrounded by lovely stores and markets as well as a beautiful green area. Studying there is different from how we know it. Most of the assignments are essays, which give you a great learning opportunity. The library is amazing and has almost every book you’re looking for. I love going to the observatory since you have a great view of the area. I would also recommend a boat trip from Greenwich to central on the Thames. Around Mid-December I visit the university grounds to take a few pictures and I noticed a whole film crew there. So, look out after all the exams. You might meet some famous people.

London – Like the US. Just without guns and more cameras

Even though we were lucky with the weather, London is really windy! My hat was literally blown off my head and I had to chase it across the street. Good thing the lights were green. Talking about traffic lights, it isn’t uncommon that people cross the street at red, since some of the traffic lights stay red forever.

I had a lot of fun memories in London, hence I will recommend some good spots for you to hang out.

Here we go:

The Arcade called Namco Funscape is located next to the Sealife. It’s a hidden gem behind the McDonalds. There were tons of games! Shooters, Racing, Bumping Cars, Bowling, Dance Dance Revolution, you name it! Being there was such a fun experience and I would recommend visiting it at least once. With friends would be nice since that’s more fun.

For the more cultural invested people, I suggest the museums which have free entry. Especially the Natural History Museum. Not only is the architecture beautiful, they also have multiple collections like entomology and mineralogy. It’s best to visit the museum during the week, otherwise you end up cuddling with strangers.

If you want to be a bit fancier, Sketch is the place to be. In the room “the Gallery” you get a three-hour afternoon tea with all-you-can-eat-and-drink. They have live music and egg toilets. It was definitely one of the best experiences. Don’t forget your camera there.

Beside everything above, I recommend visiting theatres, musicals and concerts. As well as karaoke bars, where you might consider booking more than just one hour. Most of their karaoke equipment is in Korean or Japanese. But don’t worry, the staff is quite friendly. Also check out all the food markets if you love food!

As you can see, London has a ton to offer.

Travel – I can show you the world…

… while I burn all my money. Yes, during our stay we also travelled around.

One stop was Brighton. It’s a lovely city at the sea. Most of our time we spend at the Pier and made it our goal to snap a picture of all the snail statue they’ve got. The fish and chips at the small amusement park, was really good.

Leeds, a city in the north, was just amazing. The city was so stunning with its architecture. We visited the ThoughtBubble festival, which is a nice small comic convention. The restaurant Shears Yard and Mans Market are my personal highlights.

Tips for students which might be useful

The student accommodations are more on the expensive side. Therefore, Airbnb is a good alternative.

If you decide to rent an Airbnb which is further away from the university, get a student oyster card. With this you get a discount on the weekly travel card. Otherwise use the OysterCard and get it as soon as you step on British ground. Don’t repeat our mistakes… A contactless debit card is also an option.

Shopping in London can be expensive. But as a student you get a discount on a lot of things including clothes or food. If you want to save money, I recommend Iceland, Tesco and Superdrug. In the evening they set a lot of things on sale. Like sandwiches for 50 pence.

Lastly, I want to suggest a site where you get great deals. It’s called Wowcher.

You can get yourself a comedy and pizza night or cheaper cinema tickets since cinemas are expensive over there. We found a New Year’s Eve Trip to Paris and Disneyland for an affordable Price. Therefore, it’s definitely worth checking out.

I hope this blog helpful and if you want to know more about good restaurants, general university stuff, or the more unpleasant things about London, feel free to write me.

Of course, I only mentioned the highlights here, but it’s also good to know about the dark side… to prepare for it.

If you decide to go to London and Greenwich, enjoy your time there, discover and make awesome memories!

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