15. December 2022 | Von Ginevra Esposito 

Almost Christmas in Milano

We have almost arrived at the end of the third month at Istituto Marangoni Milano already.

Since my last update, classes have continued as usual, but luckily our professor really value giving us opportunities to explore the city and take advantage of exhibitions and events around the city.

Exhibition visits

Most recently we had the chance to visit Armani Silos, where on the ground floor there are always new exhibitions, in our case we saw a photography exhibit. While as you move up to other floors, you can observe clothing designed by Giorgio Armani throughout the years, for different fashion shows. The very top floor is a collection of pieces custom made for celebrities for red carpet looks. There is a dedicated space with computers where visitors can check out the online archives of the brand.

Another very interesting exhibition location I would definitely recommend for anyone visiting Milano, is Fondazione Prada. The concept of this space is completely different from Armani Silos, its not a place where the fashion side of Prada is shown as much, but it has multiple pavillions where there is always a new concept of art to observe and walk through. Only one pavillion has a permanent exhibit, and from the top floor there is an incredible view of the city.

Christmas spirit in Milano

The fact that November is almost over means that we are approaching Christmas season. In Milano it’s very easy to feel the Christmas spirit if you visit streets like Via Montenapoleone, or the Rinascente front in Piazza Duomo. In Piazza Duomo you can also find some Christmas markets, these markets can’t be compared to the ones we see in Germany but they can definitely help feel more at home. A nicer location for the Christmas markets are Giardini Pubblici Idro Montanelli, where you can even find a skating rink. But the best Christmas markets in Italy can definitey be found in Southtyrol, but that’s more for a long weekend plan.

Going back to school talk, these weeks are filled with midterm test for the classes that last the entire semester, and final tests for classes lasting only 8 weeks. Luckily most of our classes have projects as final assesments, so we don’t have tha many tests to prepare with, nevertheless it is quite stressful period of time, our one big consolation is soon we will be on christmas break!

Until next time!

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