23. November 2022 | Von Ginevra Esposito 

First month at Istituto Marangoni – Milano

The first month of this semester abroad in Istituto Marangoni Milano has already gone by! So swiftly yet so full of activities and experiences. But lets go with order, September 26th was our first experience in Istituto Marangoni, all new students were welcomed in a theater in order to explain to us the initial information we would all need, together with this info came an incredibly cute goodie tote bag, to immediately make us feel part of the school.

First month at Istituto Marangoni – Milano

Immersed in the fashion capital of Europe

Classes started the following day. The campus where we meet everyday is super central, in Piazza San Babila, which is just a 5 min walk from the Duomo, famous symbol of the city of Milano. It was exciting to meet our professors which all have an amazing background in the world of fashion. A very comforting aspect for us, students of Macromedia, was learning the methodology of how classes and exams are structured is extremely similar to what we are used to, full of group projects, and very hands on work. Speaking of hands on work, this first month has already been full of interesting outings within the city, visiting important showrooms, and incredible stores. One particular event that stands out is the seminar we were called to attend, where the creator and designer of world famous brand GCDS really gave us a behind the scenes of what gives him inspiration for his amazing collections, and also more practical information on how he runs his company, and what he went through to get where he is. All amazing insight.

Istituto Marangoni also offers many advantages for its students like discounts that go from fabric stores, useful for the design students, to gyms around the city, this also really helps foreign students to immediately get to know useful places to make this semester the best and most complete experience possible.

Luckily for us exchange students, not only we get to live in Milano for a whole semester but on the days we have off we have amazing travel opportunities, since the city is in a very strategic location, from spending the day in Bergamo, to taking weekend trips to Venezia, or Firenze or even Roma, we definitely have plenty to explore. So in the remaining time we have to live this incredible experience, we will definitely have our hands full of not only mind opening university experiences that will forever impact and help our future carriers but also culture, food, new people and new places.

Until next month!

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