1. October 2019 | Von Naya Zoi Jansen 

Windy Windhoek

Summer is coming!
The windy season is almost over and the rainy reason is about to start. And then, summer will arrive.

Windy Windhoek

The initial fresh temperatures have now risen to a dry 35 degrees. Not only is the season advancing, but our semester too.
It is already half time.

Unlike at Macromedia, we already have written tests and assignments to be approved for the final exams in October. The workload can be a lot and the professors also evaluate it strictly. Still, it is „easy“ to do. It feels a bit like high school when you only knew a week or two before that you were taking a test. For example, lecture 1-5 will be covered in the test, which will then no longer be considered in the next tests.
The tests or examinations during the semester can be presentations, online tests, group work and the like. At presentations you could lose points if you miss the dress code. You have to get used to such kinds of evaluation.
UNAM hosted a „Cultural Festival“ in August, where the different international and national cultures were presented at the university.
There was traditonal food, dances, clothes and much more for one week. The german students made potato pancakes with apple sauce.

Besides the university there is a lot to do in Namibia. For example the national park „Etosha“ is worth a trip. Camping at small oasis in the wild and watching animals at the waterholes. Etosha is not a park where animals have chips that is why the game drive also depends on luck.
The park is a bit bigger than Rhineland-Palatinate and has quite a big number of different landscapes. It can happen that one minute there are no animals drinking at a waterhole, all you see is white sand and a few minutes later you will find a family of elephants or lions, springboks, rhinos, giraffes, badgers and many other animals.

In Windhoek you can mainly find all the things that we have in Germany as well. You can have a sundowner at the Rooftopbar of Hilton Hotel, drink coffee at a cute cafe, go to the cinema, check out second hand stores and much more. In the second hand stores you might even find old german books or historical things. It is honestly fun to find old books of Goethe printed over 100 years ago.
Something you wont forget about Namibia is Kapana. Kapana is grilled beef with salsa and „fatcakes“, everyone knows and likes it. you can basically eat it every day.

One special event that caught a lot of people is the „Soul Train“.
This is an empty train, that drives through the Windhoek area while different DJ’s play techno music and people are free to dance until the train stops at a farm, where the festival continues. The techno train is a perfect opportunity to forget the stress of being a student and to interact with the locals.
Most of the local people are really friendly, open minded and welcoming. Spending time together plays a huge role for the people. They invite you to parties, events at UNAM, BBQ or just to sit together and drink some beer. Besides the cultural differences, you learn alot about the history,
especially how Namibia got to what it now is and the impact left there by the Germans.

It is astonishing what kind of facts you learn about your own country that no one ever tells you in Germany.
Namibia has a lot of different faces and it’s amazing to see each of them.

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