16. Januar 2020 | Von Jessica Eickmeier 

Time to say goodbye, San Diego

I´m home for three weeks now and I already miss the time. Three weeks don’t sound like a long time, but everything is already normal, and it seems like I´ve never been gone.

Time to say goodbye, San Diego

It went by so fast it could have been a dream, but the memories and the pictures tell the truth. The first thing I realized was how rude the Germans are. It stressed me out just to buy some groceries, everyone tries to be the first one and is always under pressure. Also, Germany is a really small country compared to the freedom and huge space I had in the past four months. Even the streets are so small, and the drivers are so rude it’s not even fun to drive. But let’s put the negativity on the side, I´m happy to be home. I missed the food, the culture, the language and even how small it is.

However, the last four months have been the best in my life. I experienced so much, writing everything down would take too long. Looking back at this months, happiness and joy are the first things coming to my mind. It´s like a huge flashback with snippets from every day, starting with a road trip and ending with a road trip. I went to Los Angeles twice, but I like San Diego way better. When you decide to go to San Diego, I would recommend going to LA but I had enough after two days. A small side note – 1oita is a website where you can win free tickets to, for example, the late late show with James Cordon – it´s worth a try (I never won because I started applying in November which was too late). In general, road trips are a great thing to do. Rent/buy a car and just start driving. You will need the car the whole time you are in San Diego so choose carefully. Here are some inspirations: Highway No. 1 on the way to San Francisco is a must-see! Following with Yosemite Park and Grand Canyon. These are some of the spots I loved, the big cities like Las Vegas are nice to see too but it´s not as stunning as the nature in my opinion. Exploring San Diego is, of course, another big thing to do. Especially at Christmas time, it´s interesting to see all the lights and decorations. I also went to Disneyland in Anaheim and I flew to Vancouver. If you want to go to Mexico, I would recommend planning every single step exactly because Tijuana is the most dangerous city in the world. Make sure it´s worth it.

I already wrote about the living situation in San Diego on my last blog post but here´s my conclusion. I absolutely loved living with a host family! It was the best decision I could have made for myself. I already met the women I stayed at one time in Germany, but she was still a stranger for me, now she’s my family. Funny how things can change… The family was a typical American family (more like a reality show) so I experienced many new things. I had to speak English every day, so my English has definitely improved. Also, I experienced all the American traditions like Thanksgiving and decorating the house all crazy with Christmas lights.
I´m pretty sure you have to decide for yourself which housing is the best for you but just don´t forget about the positive and negative points you can find in every option.

It´s hard to say something about the university. To sum it up: One class per month, two to three days class per week, papers and other homework every week, and exams every second week. But don´t worry you will have enough free time. It´s way easier to pass the class than in Germany.
I would definitely recommend going to San Diego. The city is beautiful, the people are friendly, and the university is different but still good.
I decided to go to San Diego without my friends, without an idea of what to expect. To be honest, it was the best decision I could have made. You have to be open to new people and adventures. It was a risk, but sometimes it’s good to take a risk.

Thank you SD, see you soon!

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