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Sydney: “Your Home away from Home”

Most of the time of the term in Australia is already over and we have passed the mid-term exams in week 7th and started to prepare for the final exams in December. It is now three months since we are now living in Australia and gaining many new experiences.

Sydney: “Your Home away from Home”

As already mentioned before, there are several accommodation options while you are studying abroad. There are many rooms available at the ICMS Campus in Manly or you search independently for a room or flat around Sydney. I chose the option to live directly on campus and want to tell you a bit about it, because for me that was one of the hardest decisions I had to take before I came here.

First of all, you are part of a friendly and international community and you can choose a single, double or three to four bedrooms to live in. My choice was the single room, but the other rooms also have enough space.

Once a week the housekeeping cleans up your room and changes the towels and linen. You share the bathroom with other people residing on your floor, but the ICMS tries to keep them as clean as possible, since there are many people using them. During our term there were a lot of renovations going on: the bathrooms and the elevator, which is an advantage for the next students coming. During this time the university tried to make things as pleasant as possible for us.

If you have any problems, questions or just locked yourself out of your room, you get help from the Residential Leader or Manager on Duty.

The kitchens are stuffed with a huge fridge, a microwave and a hot water boiler but you will also get prepared meals at the marketplace. During the week there you can have, breakfast, lunch and dinner, on the weekends there is a brunch until 12 am and a dinner. The food is okay, but you need to like rice, potatoes and chicken and be aware that after a while the food is a bit monotonous. Nevertheless, there is always a second option – vegetarian to choose from, and having food delivered an alternative. At lunch you have the possibility to choose from a range of fresh fruits.

To sum up, the campus life is amazing in terms of the new people you meet and staying close to other international students because mainly all international students live on campus. But it has also disadvantages like you have no chance to prepare food on your own, but that is something you could accept for one term.

The university has different sport clubs and offers certain activities and trips. Before the O-Week I took part on a trip to Cairns and the famous Great Barrier Reef. It was an amazing trip organized by the university. I really recommend taking part, you will meet a lot of new people and you can discover a part of Australia. One highlight during the term was the surf camp which took part on two weekends in October, it was organized by the university and the surf school in Kiama. We spent a whole weekend in the camp and had three surf lessons and were able to gain the first experiences.

Due to the fact that we are lucky to have just two days of university per week, it was possible to travel to Sydney and around Australia during the semester quite well. I had an amazing trip to Cairns as I just mentioned, a trip to Perth and Rottnest Island, where you can meet sweet Quokkas and then take a road trip along the southern coast of Sydney. There is so much to see in Australia but also in Sydney and Manly itself. You just need to leave the university and you can take nice costal walks at Shelly Beach, hanging up at Collins Beach or take a surf at Manly Beach. Manly has also a nice offer of restaurants and cafes and some small shops along the Corso and the beach.

What more could you ask for?


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