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Some practical tips for Bangkok

Finally, everybody has survived Bangkok. In a few days the next lectures are going to Start and the life in Bangkok appears like a dream. The other ambassadors already provided an insight in the culture, university, food and nightlife of the City of Angels.

I am going to give you some practical tips and information about choosing an apartment and locomotion in Bangkok.

Some practical tips for Bangkok


The most favored accommodation was the Nonsi Residence. Most MHMK Students from all different locations have chosen the Nonsi Residence, some of the students even changed their location during the semester abroad to live at the Nonsi.

The main advantages istherefore, obviously, the great amount of students at Nonsi Residence. You get easily in to touch with the each other and the main meeting point is the pool. Aditionally, Theres arten’t just Student form Germany. Last year, students from the USA, Canadan Sweden Poland, Spain, Italy, Finland and Swiss lived at Nonsi Residence.There is a small fitness center as wellbut I recommend to use the gym at the Chulalongkorn University. The training equipment is old and in most cases not really functional, except the treadmill.

Overall, almost 40 MHMK students lived in my semester abroad at the Nonsi Residence. The result was extremely comfy: there were always people for going out or to hang out. The amount of MHMK students was also an advantage for the University projects. In the most subjects, we had to work in different groups. These groups consisted of up to 10 people (depending on the subject). Some groups were lucky enough to find themselves living all in the same location, e.g. the Nonsi Residence. But if your group was spreaded all over Bangkok, you always had to meet at the university. At the end of the semester you had to meet really often just for small things. This fact made the group work strenuous and time consuming. When working at the Nonsi Residence, there is a conference room, where it’s possible to meet in bigger groups.

For you accommodation, the Nonsi Residence offers different room options:

  • 4 Person flat: Two sleeping rooms (each room with two separates single beds), two bathrooms
  • 3 Person flat: Three different sleeping rooms (two double bedrooms, one single bedrooms), two bathrooms
  • 2 Person flat: Two sleeping rooms (one room with a single, one room with a double bed), one bathroom
  • 1 Person room: One double bed and one bathroom

All flats have a kitchen and a living room. Every bedroom and every living room has a TV (Thai and English TV programs). A disadvantage is that there is indeed a hotplate but no oven. On this point I have to mention the fact
that it’s cheaper to go out eating instead of cooking.

I recommend to choose the 3 person flat because this is the only option with a washing machine. There exist as well washings machines and dryers for the other residents on the second floor but you have to pay for every wash cycle.

The Nonsi Residence offers certain transportation options for free (picture), including two rides to the Chulalongkorn University one in the morning one the midday.

Prices (3 person flat per person): 11.000 Baht rental fee, 1.400 Baht additional costs

Additional you can rent a cleaning service for 700 Bath per person (they clean 2 times per month)

Exchange rate about 1 € = 40 Baht


Cap – The main transportation medium is the cap. The cap is, compared to Germany, really cheap. A normal subway ticket in Germany is more expensive than a ride in a cap.

Motor cap – If you are in a hurry you can take a motor cap. It’s a guy on a scooter and you drive as co-driver on the backseat. You are fast but it’s also really scary because the driver drives really fast through the traffic. Good nerves are necessary, as you can see here.

TukTuk – The most famous mode of transportation is the TukTuk. It’s fun to drive but not really useful. The most drivers try to fool you and it’s really expensive.

Subway – The MRT is the metro in Bangkok. The prices are moderate, it’s easy to use and the best alternative in the rush hour. The BTS is like the MRT just one above the ground. The stations complete each other.


Hint 1: Always drive with taxi-meter. They try to make a fixed price but in the most cases they just try to trick you.

Hint 2: Don’t drive a cap in the rush-hour (in the morning from 7-9 and on the evening from 17 – 19) Use a motor cap or the MRT

If you want any further information about any topic please feel free to write me. If you need information about other apartments I can convey the contact. My Email: Levent.Kotan@gmx.de or you can just write me on Facebook (Levi Kotan).

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