17. Oktober 2016 | Von Christian Stotz 


Well, many of us, including me, know Seville because of their successful Football-Club. As one of those who has never been to Seville, the city showed me at the first day that it was a very good choice to spend my semester aboard here.


Seville is a real beauty and offers many options for going out at night or free time activity. As the city is known for inventing the Tapas, the food is just awesome here. The prices are mostly cheaper then in Germany, especially food and beverages. Also the prices per month for a student flat is quite low compared to bigger city’s in Germany.

The agency who found the perfect room for me was RoomSevilla. They offered a room in a house where up to 7 people can stay. The house is directly next to the EUSA Campus which is total luxury. Also we have a garden with a lemon tree where we can spend nice evenings together with music and a cool, fresh Cruzcampo(best Beer in Andalusia). I live together with the Macromedia Students Linda, Miri, Lotta and Lukas from the Macromedia stands Cologne, Stuttgart and Hamburg. Also Julia a EUSA Student from Frankfurt and Jascha from Holland who does an internship in Seville live together with us.

As we are the Macro-Pioneers in Seville, there were some things to adjust for sure. The international office from the EUSA is always very endeavored to solve problems quickly. Also the EUSA offers a lot of free time activity for groups. In some cases you get a discount with your Studentcard.

You definitely don’t get bored in Seville. And if you feel like seeing something else, you can easily take the train to Cádiz, a nice Atlantic seaside town. There are magnificent beaches which are not too crowded. And for fish lovers Cádiz is indispensable anyway.

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