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Rome: a museum city

A few months have gone by and we finally enjoyed some rest during our Christmas Holidays. Rome is massive and so is the story she tells us everyday through all the monuments and buildings scattered around us. So the Christmas holidays are the perfect time to visit all the places and experience all of its beauty that she has to offer.

Rome: a museum city

First thing first, you must visit the Vatican city. When I say the Vatican city, it’s because not only you should visit St. Peter’s Basilica but also the Vatican Museum. The Vatican Museum is not just any Museum. There you will find art from all around the world, from different cultures and different religions, that have been collected for centuries and centuries by the popes. The tickets can be found online and I highly suggest you book a guided tour since there is so much to learn and to see, and only an expert, I feel, will be able to guide you to the millions of rooms while giving you a solid background on what you are seeing in front of you.

Favorite places

One of my favorite places that I love to show to people when they are visiting Rome for the first time is Piazza Venezia. There i suggest you visit il Vittoriano e l’Altare della Patria. This is a beautiful monument built in honor of those who died defending Italy and inside you can find a museum that tells you the story of how Italy became one united country. I really encourage (if you are not scared of heights) to take the elevator that will take you to the very top of the monument where you could experience one of the most beautiful views of the city, especially if you go during the sunset.

Another building that I suggest you visit is Palazzo Venezia, also situated in Piazza Venezia. This building is always underrated and not many tourists want to visit it. This building is mainly famous because it was used as a personal office by Mussolini and also from there he used to hold his speeches. But this building has way more to tell and it’s a shame it is remembered only for the darkest part of its story. When you visit I suggest you book a guided tour, because there is no information written about the rooms you will go though but only about the artifacts inside of them and I truly believe the rooms are often more interesting than the art that is exposed.

Once you are in piazza Venezia if you go towards the Colonna Traiana you will find a stair that will take you to a small ticket office. From there you can buy the tickets to enter il Parco dei Fori Romani. With only a few euros you can walk between the old roman ruins and thanks to pictures and 3D renders  you will be able to visualize how these now ancient ruins used to look like. Not only do I find the walk really beautiful and rich with story but i think it’s the perfect place if you want to bring a book and just sit in one of the many benches while being surrounded by this magical place. If you keep on walking you will find yourself right in front of the colosseum.

If you are more into contemporary art then you must visit il Chiostro del Bramante. This museum is always on point. It’s not that big but has always interesting things and perfect if you need a cool new picture for your instagram!  Don’t forget that on the second floor there is an amazing café and it’s also an amazing place if you want to study and you are tired of the usual library.

Tips and Tricks!

  1. Most of the museums in Rome have a website where you can book your ticket or your guided tour.
  2. A lot of museums sell tickets for people under 26 years old at a really cheap price! So every time you visit somewhere always ask if they have some sort of discount that they can apply to you!
  3. Book guided tours everytime you can! They are really cheap and the guides are super prepared and not boring at all! Please don’t ever get a guided tour from someone you met outside the museum. Those are not the official ones and you will find yourself  paying more.
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