7. Dezember 2021 | Von Jasmin und Alexandra  

“Time flies by…“

… and suddenly it is November. The leaves on the trees are changing their colours and on Campus silently a routine came over the weeks.

“Time flies by…“

The first rush of Parties wore off and between Halloween parties and occasional nights in the bar, the students are in full study mode as the first midterm assessments are coming up soon. Nevertheless, we took the time to give you a little insight into life in the London metropolis. Be curious!

It is no rumor that London is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Especially for food not produced in England, you have to dig deep into your pockets, which becomes noticeable at latest at the checkout. But that is the price of living on an island. After the Brexit, it won’t be easier, because there will be more tax on products and sometimes you can experience it first hand when some products are not available for weeks, or the whole country is suddenly running out of gas. Even the typical freshly baked German bread is in short supply here. Instead, the metropolis shines with a large selection of Indian, Chinese, and vegan products.

Transport links in London are extensive, reliable and there are many alternatives to reach your destination. For students, there is the option of getting an Oyster Card, which ensures travel around the city at more affordable prices. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to get home, especially after 12 pm, so creative solutions are often required.

When comparing the British cityscape with the German, distinctions have to be made according to zones or regions. At the Harrow Campus in Zone 4, it is much dirtier than in Germany, and there are a lot of tiny terraced houses, most of which have comparatively high-priced car brands such as BMW, Mercedes, or Tesla parked in front of their doors. On the other hand, at the Marylebone Campus, in Zone 1, the cityscape is comparatively very clean and tidy. Every little side street has a small café or bakery with great treats. The main streets, such as Baker and Oxford Streets, have a vast selection of restaurants and shops for every price range.

In addition to the daily university routine, some students visit the Regents gym, located directly on Oxford Street and belonging to the University of Westminster, to keep fit. All the necessary sports equipment is available to complete a successful workout. Also, sports classes such as yoga, HIIT, Spin, or BoxFit are offered daily. In addition, many students visit bars, clubs, or bars that become clubs after a few drinks on the weekends or after a stressful day at university. The metropolis offers many opportunities to spend the evening. You are already allowed to visit clubs from the age of 18 and with a valid ID. Museums, such as the National History Museum, cinemas, or various sporting events, keep you busy during the day. Last Saturday, for example, the Jacksonville Jaguars played the Miami Dolphins, and we were there live in the stadium. It was a nerve-wracking game with goosebumps feeling from the moment we entered the stadium, to the singing of the national anthem by thousands of people, to the last throw by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

But also celebrations such as Guy Fawkes Night on 5 November, which symbolizes a bonfire as King James I escaped an assassination attempt, is celebrated in London with fireworks on every corner on this day and provide variety. On the 4th November was Dewali, a great Indian festival, comparable with Christmas for Christians. Since I have a lot of Indians in my friend group, we went out to eat at an Indian restaurant and celebrated afterwards in a Flat-kitchen with Indian sweets and made Henna tattoos ourselves. Even the Residential assistants organized a little Event where we would draw Rangolis (type of Mandalas) with chalk on campus.

But we are especially looking forward to the coming celebration: Christmas. Here in London, there are already plenty of decorations and the opening of the „Christmas market“ is still to come, but we can’t wait to tell you about it in our next blog!

7. Dezember 2021 | Von Lena-Marie Foerster  

Exploring Southern and Western Ireland

Dublin has many sights and attractions to offer. But especially the surrounding countryside and the many smaller towns are definitely worth a visit.

Exploring Southern and Western Ireland

In the second week of November, me and my friends went on a road trip. We drove through the south and west of the country.

One of the highlights of our trip was the first stop at the Jameson Whiskey distillery near Cork. This is located in the town of Midleton, twenty minutes from downtown Cork. We took a guided tour of the distillery. We were told the history of Jameson Whiskey, and the process of how whiskey is made, from start to finish. The tour ended with a whiskey tasting. The tour guide explained very well how the whiskey should taste, making the tasting very interesting.
The Jameson Whiskey, for example, should first taste fruity and then vanilla, the finish brings a wooden note with it. This makes the whiskey dry in the end but somewhat spicy despite the milder taste.

We spent the other four days in Killarney and the surrounding area. Killarney is a modern but yet traditional town, situated in the middle of a national park. The city center offers a great cultural variety. You can visit rustical pubs, where either classic Irish folk music, or current charts are played. Killarney offers many opportunities to try typical Irish food, but has also American, Italian, and other international restaurants. Many different nationalities mix with the locals here. Everyone seems to feel comfortable and welcome in this sociable and idyllic town.

An absolute must is the Killarney National Park. It offers beautiful hiking trails for both experienced and unexperienced hikers. You can admire historical places, such as a castle, or enjoy the nature, the green landscape, mountains, lakes, and also a large waterfall.

The Ring of Kerry is also located in this national park. A 179 km long panoramic coastal road that offers many beautiful sights. We were lucky to be on the road at a time of the year when you hardly meet any tourists. Unfortunately, but also for the same reason the weather was not as good as hoped. Nevertheless, we could enjoy the view, the landscape, lakes, and the many quiet and empty beaches. Only the wind threw a spanner in the works from time to time. When we drove to the top of a mountain, by car, the wind was extremely strong that we could not get the door of the car open. So, we had to admire the beautiful view from the car.

Another day trip we made was to the Cliffs of Moher. Here you can visit impressive cliffs and take a 3-hour hike along them. On one side of the path the sea rages, while on the other side you can admire an enchanting green landscape as far as the eye can see. The cliffs were really impressive, which is why I recommend a visit there to anyone traveling to Ireland.

The five days went by very quickly but were definitely enough for our route. One could have taken even two days longer, if one made a stop in Galway or Limerick. However, we decided against it, because of the high Covid-19 incidence in these two places, too risky for us. Nevertheless, we gained many new impressions and have closed Ireland even more in our hearts.

7. Dezember 2021 | Von Finnja und Matthies  

Student life/academics at Hawaii Pacific University

If you decide to spend your semester abroad at HPU, you should be aware that the university system here is quite different from ours in Germany.

Student life/academics at Hawaii Pacific University

Yes, HPU is a university on a tropical island in the middle of the Pacific but even if it doesn’t always seem like it, Hawaii is part of the USA. So, it means that the American university system prevails here.

Requirements and grades

Personally, I have to admit that I didn’t really think much about what the university system would be like before I went abroad. That’s why I felt even more surprised on the very first day in class when the professors went through the syllabi for the semester with us.

Basically, you don’t have one big exam at the end of the semester like at Macromedia, such as a written exam or the submission of a project, but the grade here is made up of many different achievements. The university system is therefore similar to the German school system.

The very first big difference is that here you have a quasi-compulsory attendance at the lectures. This means that about 10% of the final grade is only based on the fact that you have attended the lectures. In addition, participation in class is also included in the calculation.

Another, initially daunting point, is the homework. Depending on the course, we have weekly homework assignments that we must hand in via the university portal. This homework can be small quizzes on the material covered during the week, or “discussion questions” that you are supposed to think about for class. Yes, at first homework sounds very daunting, however I can reassure you. If you take one day a week, you can do your homework and still have enough time to explore the island.

In most courses you don’t have only one exam at the end of the semester, but several of them. There is a distinction between “midterms” (exams that are written approximately in the middle of the semester) and “finals” (the final exam at the end of the semester). The exams here are also structured very differently than what we are used to in Germany at Macromedia. A few weeks ago, we had our midterms, and it was all multiple choice questions that we had to answer. I was very stressed beforehand because I had never written an exam in the U.S., but I can tell you that the questions are very doable.

In addition to the exams, we also have a lot of presentations that count towards the grade. Last but not least there are the essays. Depending on the course, you may have to write several essays (small term papers) per semester. In my one course, for example, there are three essays that I write during the semester and must hand in on different dates.

In summary, I can say that you have to spend a lot more time here during the semester, because you just have the homework and already do exams, presentations and essays during the semester. However, I can also say that the level here at the university is not as demanding as at home at Macromedia. So, you have a higher time commitment, but easier tasks.


Weeks before the semester starts at HPU, you must choose your courses from home. For us, Macromedia determines which courses we have to take. There are a total of four courses that we must take during our semester abroad. After that, you get your schedule right away. Depending on the course, you have different schedules, but most of the time you have Fridays off, so you have a long weekend to explore Hawaii.


We had been covering the general life during COVID here in Hawaii in our last blog. Those regulations had been slightly lifted, meaning that bars can be open till midnight again and more people are allowed to gather. In our daily life at school though, there has not been a lot of things changing. We are constantly required to take temperature scans before entering HPU premises (see picture), we must wear masks and are technically not allowed to drink and eat during classes, but most professors allow us to at least drink occasionally.
Some friends of mine have some online classes here at HPU but not as much as students at the University of Hawaii have, which is great for us here at HPU. To make in person classes less risky in regards of spreading COVID, the HPU put air purifiers in all the classrooms like you can see on the picture of the classroom above.

26. November 2021 | Von Helena und Oliver  
Macromedia Blog

Best spots, parties and trips – Sevilla, Spain

Helena & Oliver are Bachelor Students from our Macromedia-Campus in Stuttgart, specializing in Management (B.A.) and Journalism (B.A.). Their semester abroad they spend at the Centro Universitario in Seville, Spain. In this video they share some impressions of trips in Spain with you.

18. November 2021 | Von Veronique und Niclas  

Jet-setting through England during Midterm

Hello again lovely People and welcome back to our blog where we tell you everything you need to know about Regents University and London as a city.

Jet-setting through England during Midterm

This Time, Veronique and Niclas, don’t want to tell you that much about London as a city. We want to also talk about the rest of England since it is very easy to visit other cities around London. And that is exactly what we both did. On the same day, Veronique went to Brighton and Niclas went to Cambridge for two very nice but very different city trips.

I, Veronique, started my trip on Saturday afternoon. Together With six friends, we took the train out of London. The journey took about 1 1/2 hours and started with the mistake of getting on the wrong train because we were talking so happily to each other. Therefore, our outward journey was longer than expected but apart from that without any problems.

On our first evening in Brighton, we first brought our belongings to the hotel and then went to see part of the city and choose a restaurant for our dinner. There is a huge choice of restaurants, so it was not easy for us to decide, but in the end, we found what we were looking for. Afterwards, it was clear to all of us: We have to see the sea now because Brighton is on the English Channel. Even though it was already dark, it was wonderful to hear the waves crashing. In addition, there was a small fireworks display on the beach. Watching fireworks directly on the sea was beautiful and felt unique. After this experience, we decided to go to a bar together. We had a great time there. But since Midterm was on at the university at that time, we returned to the hotel at half-past twelve to continue writing our assignments. Accordingly, the night was short, because we wanted to get up early the next day to see a lot of Brighton.

On Sunday, we started with a delicious breakfast in a small café. Afterwards, we walked around the city again a bit to finally get to Brighton Palace Pier. We really had a lot of fun here, because there is an amusement arcade and a small theme park where we spent hours. The little slot machines and attractions were a lot of fun and in the end, we all went down to the sea for a bite to eat with a small prize. Afterwards, we went for a walk along the beach and visited the small shops directly at the sea. The sea was even more beautiful when we could not only hear it but also see it and finally, we watched the sunset together. Afterwards, we decided to make our way back to London. But before we got on the train, we ended our beautiful weekend with coffee and hot chocolate.

I, Niclas, went on a day trip to Cambridge when Veronique went to Brighton. I and a group of friends started our trip at 9:30 from Kings Cross, sadly Platform 10 and not 9 ¾. The journey only takes 50min and ends at a small train station. From there to the city centre it only takes you about 10-15 min walking and you will come across a lot of nice cafes and restaurants to have breakfast in, which was exactly what we did. After that, we walked through the whole city down to the river cam where you can have a punting tour along the river and next to the different colleges of Cambridge. These colleges all together represent the famous Cambridge University. That was by the way a surprise for me since I thought it would be just one University and not different separate colleges. But these separate colleges are all beautiful in a unique way and the best way to get an overview of them is with the punting tour down the river while sipping a hot chocolate. Can only recommend that!

After the punting, we then went for a lunch break to warm up for the college exploring tour we did. We then ended our trip with a visit to the famous Jack’s Gelato and had delicious ice cream on the way back to the train station.
One day was definitely not enough to see everything in Cambridge and I will visit it again if time allows it. But in the end, it was good that we only went for a day because as Veronique already mentioned we were in our midterms which means that over the course of about a week we had a lot of deadlines for our first assignments. These first assignments build the first half of your final grade for the course, so it is very important to do this and be on time with them. The assignments can also vary from presentations to essays to written discussions depending on the aim of the course. That these assignments are due in the middle of the semester is very different to academics at Macromedia, but don’t worry the teachers and professors will help you with any problems you might have and often also give you feedback on your work before you hand it in.

As you can see we enjoy the time here very much and while working for our studies still have enough time to explore the city and country around us. I hope you can experience that as well when you will visit the Regent’s University here in London.
Until then stay excited about our last Blog where we will talk about the whole stay and one last resume. So see you at the next one!

18. November 2021 | Von Ann-Kristin Lindner 

Florence: Istituto Marangoni

My semester abroad starts and I am allowed to study at the renowned Fashion University Istituto Marangoni and it’ s in the beautiful Italian city of Florence.

Florence: Istituto Marangoni

@Istituto Marangoni

Finally. The journey I’ve been eagerly anticipating has finally begun. My semester abroad starts and I am allowed to study at the renowned Fashion University Istituto Marangoni and it’ s in the beautiful Italian city of Florence.

Accordingly, I would like to share my first experiences and impressions about the first weeks in Florence, both about the university but also about life in general in the city.

The Istituto Marangoni is located in the luxury area of Florence. So you get the inspiration of the countless luxury brands on the way to the university even before class. At the entrance a security man is waiting for you to take your temperature because of the Corona regulations and also partially check your student ID. Security is a top priority here. The interior design of the university is modern and state of the art. The lecturers are all from the fashion industry and explain very practically. Pretty much all the lecturers I have worked for the big luxury brands, such as Prada, D&G, Rick Owns, Gucci…

It is also worth mentioning that as a student you have access to a Vogue Archive and can view all editions of the magazine, in addition you also have access to the website “WGSN”, an online service for trend forecasts and insider information from the fashion industry.

Be open minded..

Due to the fact that we are only 4 students from Macromedia, we also partly have our own lecturer and therefore have a very intensive and personal contact with the lecturer. The disadvantage of this is that social contact with other students is more difficult. In general, it is not easy to get in contact with the Italian students because they like to be among themselves and some of them do not speak English well. Nevertheless, you also get to know students well during a coffee break in front of the entrance of the Istituto, because many go to get a cappuccino in the cafe across the street during the break. By the way: It is a very posh cafe, but the cappuccino costs only 1,50€ to go, for students of the Istituto Marangoni and always saves us from our afternoon slump. In general, it is important to be open and communicative abroad, and just jump over your shadow and approach people on your own.

Living in florence..

The way to the university takes only a few minutes, because our apartment is very centrally located. I live together with my fellow student, who also studies at Macromedia, in a nice big apartment that we found through the online platform housinganywhere.com. In general, it is recommended to start looking early enough, because Florence is not a cheap city and the prices for apartments are relatively high. It is also worth mentioning that you should rather avoid cafes in tourist places, because a tea can also easily cost 9€. Initially, I have to say that you need a certain amount of time to know where the young people hang out and to find the local spots. It’s all a bit hidden, but once you’ve figured it out, there are really a lot of nice cafes and bars where you can just chill out. Regarding public transportation, there is not much to mention as I never use any. Florence is a city that you can explore very well on foot and also in daily life you can reach everything easily by walking. Therefore, it is really an advantage to look for an apartment that is very central, as it makes your stay so much easier.

At the moment we are always diligent on the weekend to explore the nightlife of Florence. There is more to read about this in the next blog post.

One last thing I would like to mention is that the weather in Florence is just gorgeous and although we are in Florence from October to March, you can escape the cold German winter a bit. Until mid-November there are quite days when it has 20 degrees and beautiful sunshine.

18. November 2021 | Von Christian Kern 

A deep dive into fashion at Istituto Marangoni

I’m Christian and I study Fashion Management in Stuttgart. I spend my semester abroad in London at the Istituto Marangoni.

A deep dive into fashion at Istituto Marangoni

Arrival and Welcome Week

We arrived at the beginning of October with a bit of buffer time. This is because the UK government changed its COVID-19 travel regulations relatively late in our favour, and we did not have to go into quarantine. So we had a few days before the lectures started. First there was the Welcome Week for all new/old students of Istituto Marangoni. They offered several things. For example, there was a session about living in London regarding the financial realities. (London is pretty expensive in every respect). Another thing offered was a scavenger hunting game around the school in Shoreditch, called „The Marangoni Quest“. It was hilarious to explore the location and to connect with a few people. The most important day of the Welcome Week was Wednesday, because there we received all important information regarding the academic life/aspects of the semester. (In general, we are treated exactly like the normal students there, except that we have our own course). After the Welcome-Week the lectures started directly on Monday. But I will tell you more about the general academic aspects in December.

Facts about the School in London

According to Business of Fashion, Istituto Marangoni is one of the best Fashion Schools for Fashion Business & Management in the World. It has campuses all around the world. There are two in Milano, and one in Firenze, Paris, London, Miami, Mumbai, Shanghai and Shenzhen. The campus in London is located in east London, more specifically in Shoreditch. It consists of a 3 story building and there is just (due to COVID-19) one entrance and one exit. On the ground floor there are various classrooms and several design labs, a photo studio, the material lab and some Mac classrooms. On the first floor you will find the Pattern Cutting Rooms, Drawing Classrooms and the Administration Offices. On the top floor there are smaller meeting rooms. There are also several theory classrooms on each floor (we have our lectures in these). In addition, there is a cafeteria right next to the entrance, where you can get delicious coffee and sweet snacks. An interesting fact we were told is that the London campus is the most international compared to the other campuses, with students from a total of 67 different nations. The best thing about the school however is that various webinars or talks with professionals from the industry take place every week. For example, I had the opportunity to speak with Francisco Milán, Strategy Manager at PANGAIA, and Eva Baquedano, Chief Omnichannel and Client Officer at LOEWE. These were great opportunities to gain insights into the industry.

Living in London

First, I must mention that the government has lifted almost all COVID-19 restrictions. Only on TfL (public transport in London) is it compulsory to wear mouth-nose covering. However, many people now no longer adhere to this rule. Thus, there is a relatively high incidence of infection. Nevertheless, a completely normal life is possible here, as it was before COVID-19. You can go shopping (Selfridges is highly recommended), you can go out partying and also eat in many restaurants. Everything is just a bit more expensive. A more or less big problem is the supply shortage of especially food in the supermarkets. This is due to a lack of truck drivers. Sometimes there is only one type of pasta or generally fewer products on the shelves, but with a bit of planning this is not really a big problem. A word about the accommodation. Finding suitable accommodation in London can be a big challenge. In summary, the closer you want to live to the city centre, the more expensive it is. But with enough time in advance, it is possible to find good accommodation, for example on Airbnb, Spotahome or student accommodation providers such as Londonist. I hope I could give you a first impression about my stay in London. In the following months I will tell you more about the life here in London and about the Istituto Marangoni, campus London.

18. November 2021 | Von Michelle und Verena  

Our London Life

Hello and welcome to a quick update from London! My name is Michelle and I’m also a Student Ambassador for the University of Greenwich.

It’s been 2 months since we arrived here in London and time is flying by.

Our London Life

After the two-week orientation week, our lectures finally started at the end of September. While some days we attend lectures together with other students from the university, we also have lectures just for us Macromedia students. We quickly forgot about our initial concerns regarding comprehension and language barriers, because all the professors and lecturers were easy to understand, as well as the assignments.

The university campus is extremly beautiful and a special place. Time-honoured buildings located directly on the Thames and a huge park right next door. There are truly worse places to spend your semester abroad. Greenwich Park is a great change of pace between lectures or study sessions. Once you reach the top of the hill, you have an amazing view of the university, the Thames and the London skyline. At the university itself, there is a Starbucks, which offers drinks and snacks at a much cheaper price for students. Directly across the street from the university is Greenwich Market. There is a daily street food market with food stalls from all nationalities. It’s a great place to have lunch for little money, or use your lunch break to stroll through the jewelry and clothing stalls. In Greenwich itself there are some cute little cafes and bakeries which are highly recommended.

As we only have lectures 4 days a week, Tuesday was declared as our official “Travel Day”. Besides visits to the National History Museum, Notting Hill or the National Gallery, we also made a trip to Brighton. It takes about 1 1/2 hours to get there by train from Greenwich. It’s a very nice little town right by the sea and definitely worth a visit!

Of course, we don’t miss out on partying here. Every Wednesday, the university organises “Wavey Wednesday”, a party that takes place in Lower Deck. This is a small club located directly on campus. In addition, there are huge parties at Halloween and Christmas that are well worth a visit. This year’s Halloween party at a venue in North Greenwich was one of our highlights. The pub quiz every Thursday in the bar “Lost Hour” has also become a tradition for us. Here you can get drinks and shots for only £3.50 during the quiz. But you can also find cool bars and clubs in central London, especially in Soho. Some must-visit places are Be at One, Simmons or The Alchemist. Clubs like Ministry of Sound and Tiger Tiger regularly host student parties. One thing you should definitely do here is the Bottomless Brunch. Many bars and restaurants offer to order as many cocktails, coffees or snacks as you like for 90 minutes at the weekend. Another highlight was a visit to the Ballie Ballerson Bar. The special thing about the bar is the huge ball pool, which makes childhood dreams come true. In addition, there are fancy drinks and good music. Also a great place to visit is Camden Market. A huge market with a lot of food stalls. You will definitely be able to explore the taste of food from all over the world.

After the long time without concerts and events, we were finally able to experience big events again here in London. Even though it is still unusual to be in big crowds, we enjoyed the time a lot. In September we even visited a musical festival and shortly afterwards a concert by Fisher.

Even though it’s only mid-November, London is slowly but surely turning into a little Christmas wonderland. The streets are decorated with fairy lights and the first Christmas markets open their doors. Hyde Park is transformed into a Winter Wonderland. An absolute recommendation to take this experience with you. There are also beautifully decorated Christmas markets with great mulled wine booths at Leicester Square, Covent Garden and in South Bank (right next to the London Eye).

It’s hard to believe that we have to leave Greenwich in only 4 weeks. Until then there is still a lot of work to do for our assignments. But most importantly we will definitely use the remaining time to explore even more special parts and events of Greenwich, London and England.

18. November 2021 | Von Nicole Nike Beckers 

Now that we’re no longer tourists… our tips and tricks

Only six weeks to go… our time in Paris is coming to an end. This past month we have begun to experience Paris in Autumn, the city has started to grow colder and the trees in Tuileries Garden are starting to fall.

Now that we’re no longer tourists… our tips and tricks

The beautiful city is still full of surprises, even after two months of living here, we are still greeted with new places, experiences and stunning sights. In this post, we will share some of our favourite things to do in the city:

Needless to say, Paris is an expensive city. We learnt this the hard way… here are some of our favourite things to do when we are trying to do our wallets a favour.

Visit Tuileries Garden
Located in the 2nd Arrondissement, this beautiful garden is the perfect place to go on a warm summer’s day. Lie on one of the iconic green chairs under the sun and enjoy the lovely city. There is a small coffee truck serving delicious coffee and cookies, the perfect small snack. As Autumn hits, the garden will give you the Paris vibes you are looking for.

Picnic under the Eiffel Tower
You can’t miss out on this one… grab yourself a baguette, some cheese and sit underneath the Eiffel Tower to enjoy the gorgeous view. There is a huge area where people gather with friends and you’ll even be greeted with live music. Slight warning though, Ratatouille’s family also enjoys spending their evenings under the Eiffel Tower :O

Visit a museum
Paris is known for its art and culture, the perfect place to spend on a rainy day is one of the countless number of museums. For 18-26 year olds, entry is free to all public museums and even at private museums you will receive a discounted fee. Indulge in the Parisian culture and take in some of the most beautiful art and architecture in the world. Pictured below is the Bourse de Commerce, another must go!

Making the most of Paris whilst studying
Studying in Paris is a little different than in Germany. Midterm season approached us and we were drowning in assignments, group projects, reports etc. But this isn’t an excuse to stay tucked away in your apartment. Our favourite new study place is the Starbucks at the Opera. You may think that Starbucks is the last place you’d go to whilst in a city filled with endless amounts of Cafés, but trust me you won’t want to miss out on this one. This is the most beautiful Starbucks in Europe and the perfect place to spend the afternoon studying whilst still getting the most your of your Paris experience. There are also many gorgeous libraries around the city where you can apply for a membership card to get into.

Last but not least, partying in Paris. After a long week of uni you may find yourself wanting to head to a club or bar for a few drinks. These are two clubs options for you to choose from:

Le Carmen
One of the fancier clubs in Paris, this club is located in the 9th Arrondissement. The interior of this club is breathtaking, the ultimate experience for partying in Paris. The music finds itself to be more techno orientated so if that’s for you, this is the perfect club. An insider tip, dress up for this night out, the bouncers can be selective with who they let in.

Le Duplex
Located in the 16th Arrondissement, this club offers something for everyone’s music taste with 3 floors. A popular place for students and always hosting events, this is the perfect place for a night out with friends. An insider tip, go early!! The lines get insanely long and you don’t want to spend two hours waiting outside.

16. November 2021 | Von Katharina und Flurina  

Ciao from Istituto Marangoni

Welcome to Milan, the city of fashion, design, finance, business, the capital of Lombardy and, despite its population of only 1.4 million, probably the only Italian city with a cosmopolitan metropolitan character.

Ciao from Istituto Marangoni

Student Life at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan – our fist weeks

Milan has a multitude of sights to offer. The most famous are probably the Milan Cathedral and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, which were of course our first stops when we, Flurina and I, arrived in Milan in October. Since then, we have been exploring and letting ourselves be surprised by the pretty corners of the city. One of the most beautiful corners for me is Brera, the city’s art district. Here you can find vintage fashion markets and many nice Italian bars and cafes. The Palazzo di Brera is also best known for its spectacular courtyard and famous Pinacoteca. If you are looking for something green in the city, the “Parco Sempione” is the right place to be. Milan’s city park begins with the Castello Sforzesco, the castle of Milan’s ruling families, and ends with the Arco della Pace (Arch of Peace).

But now enough with the sightseeing, we also have to go to university 🙂

Our first day at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan started on 11th of October 2021. Excited and eager to find out what to expect, a small group of girls first gathered in front of the university. It quickly turned out that they were the other part of the Macromedia students with whom we are spending the next couple of months in Milan together. After everyone got to know each other, our “first lesson” started, basically an introduction and a warm welcome from the Istituto Marangoni.

Our semester abroad at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan is divided into two units. Unlike at Macromedia, we have two exam periods, one after the winter break in January and the second at the end of the semester in March. We as Fashion Management and Fashion Journalism students have the same five subjects:

Project planning, Microeconomics and Applied Economics until January and Business Planning and Intercultural communication from October until March.

We are learning from super interesting professors and lecturers, all with a fascinating fashion background (Dolce & Gabbana, Max Mara and co.). So, if you want to get closer to the fashion industry and learn how the facets of fashion work in reality, Istituto Marangoni is the place to be.

Organisation & Housing

When planning your semester abroad in Europe, probably the most important thing besides the flight is finding a place to live. It is important to start looking for accommodation early so that you don’t end up empty-handed. There are several websites that make it easier to find apartments in Milan, and the university also offers a wide range of support and has always been available to answer questions. The websites Uniplaces, Housinganywhere or Spotahome are particularly good for finding a room in an already existing shared flat, the monthly rent for your own room starts at around 450€. Airbnb is a great place to find flats for yourself or to rent larger properties if you plan to move into a shared flat with other Macromedia students once the semester starts. However, you should keep in mind that if you are looking for a flat on your own, the prices in Milan are very expensive, especially on Airbnb, and it is even more advisable to search soon.

The Istituto Marangoni offers a WhatsApp service if you have any questions about finding a flat. They have collaborations with the websites Dotstay, Milano Home, Spotahome. These are best for longer stays, i.e. for the semester abroad. Duomo Hotel & Apartments and 21WOL Milano Centro are suitable for shorter stays, i.e. if you are looking for a place to stay for the first few weeks before you start looking for a flat locally. Thanks to the cooperation, you get a 10-25% discount on the service fee for some of the services provided by the agencies.

But enough with the facts, let’s move on to Flurina´s story:

Well, when I arrived in Milan in October, a surprise was waiting for me. The room I booked on Uniplaces looked nothing like the pictures on the website and it was super dirty, I didn’t feel comfortable in it at all.

But don’t worry, there is an option to contact Uniplaces within 24 hours to report any discrepancies. The agency reacted very quickly and understandingly and it was no problem at all to move out earlier, even though I had actually rented the room until March. The tip I would give to prevent this from happening is that even if you have booked the flat through an agency, you should contact the landlord yourself to arrange a face-time date to see the room.

It sounds quite daunting when you are alone in a new country and must move out of your flat straight away and are “left with nothing”. But through the websites and the support from the university, you will always find a solution. I, for example, found my new flat by pure coincidence. My parents visited me at the beginning and booked their stay via Booking.com. They just happened to tell their landlord that I was unhappy with my flat and she had a friend by coincidence who rented out her flat.

Let me say that Italians are probably some of the nicest and most helpful people, because although the landlord of course hardly knew my parents and not me anyway, she made sure that I found a flat as quickly as possible and always kept in contact with me by phone.

Not only the city itself, but the Italian mentality in general is definitely a great reason to do your semester abroad in Italy. Those have now been our first weeks in Milan 🙂

Best wishes and see you very soon,

Katharina and Flurina

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