16. Januar 2017 | Von Irina Fomin 
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One month left…

We’re here since more than three months. Three months of studying and many new things we learned.

The semester started with a really relaxing time with much leisure time, many journeys to nice places like valencia, gran canaria, barcelona or toledo. But since a few weeks it’s really stressy. Before our christmas holidays we had to write our midterm exams, do many presentations and also start to study for our final exams in janurary. Before the university let us go to our holidays, we had a really nice graduation ceremony.

We almost did it! The 22nd of December our graduation took place in the Salón de Grados at 11:00. This is a date I will not soon forget because we had a great time together with other international students ( from Mexico to the United States, Japan, Prague etc); and the many e-mail reminders we received from the lovely Mónica Alberich, our international support in the Spanish University.

 The ceremony was due so soon because many students had to return to their universities by January  (Ireland, etc) ; They will be missed, but we will try to maintain the contact.

Although of the many reminders, many of the students participating came late. So while we were waiting the people who where about to present and tell their experiences so far took advantage and practiced a little more. My student ambassador partners Benita and Abhiti where very nervous but when the time came, they managed to control themselves and nailed it.

Students from different nationalities told us about their thoughts of Spain, their struggle with the culture and their best memories until now. And we had a big laugh with one of the American students which told us her first time traveling to Spain and her fears and expectations in a hilarious way!

After the speeches each Student became a diploma ( with non academic validity) and we saw a recompilation of pictures from our trips to different cities around Madrid which brought many good memories back.

Of course we had to take a group picture which was obviously nearly impossible because of the quantity of people and then many of us decided to take one in front of the university logo.

Here we are, some of the student ambassadors and some friends from other countries!

The University invited us as a farewell to some tapas and drinks (non-alcoholic of course) in the cafeteria where we could share our opinions and say goodbye to our friend before christmas.

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