10. März 2016 | Von Marian Nadler 

My résumé is….?

….positive! On Wednesday my semester abroad will be over. A great time full of experiences and impressions is now over,  but I am looking forward to new challenges in Germany.

My résumé is….?

My semester abroad was an unbelievable experience, in short it was awesome most of the time. The Irish people are very open-minded and open-hearted people. Ireland is not that different from Germany, it is still a European country, but it has its own charm. I recommend everyone to travel to Ireland and to see this beautiful country and to get to know the Irish culture.

Never before was I away from home for such a long time, but it was worth it. I realized on my semester abroad once again, that this world has so much more to offer than just my hometown. Even if Ireland is not as sunny as Thailand or Australia, the weather was not as bad as I expected it to be. I learned, that it does not matter where people come from, we all have something in common. I will miss the good pints of Guinness, because the Guinness that is sold in Ireland is different from the Guinness in Germany. Compared to Germany the courses and exams at Griffith College are very easy. I will remember the fresh air at the Cliffs of Moher or the Wicklow Mountains.

I believe I never breathed in air that was fresh like that. If you want to get in a good mood, speak to an Irish person in a pub, they will always cheer you up. In Dublin, there are cool and helpful people everywhere. I also enjoyed the free Wi-Fi/internet access (almost) everywhere, on that score Ireland is much more developed than Germany. Even the public transport with the double-decker busses and the LUAS are much more fun than German public transport. Dublin is perfect for young people, because 50 Percent of Dublin’s population is under 26 years old. I learned that it is not that complicated to live in another country.

The only bad experience I had during my semester abroad was the accomodation at Griffith Halls of Residence. I highly recommend anyone to search for another accomodation, because it was just overpriced and  you can get a better accomodation in that price segment. A whole semester in one little room with another person is possible, but quite difficult. If you decide to stay at Griffith Halls of Residence plan with 100 Euro in the first month for kitchen gadgets from Ikea.

To conclude, I am thankful for my journey to Ireland. Time passes so fast, especially when you are on a semester abroad. I will keep some good memories on Ireland and Dublin and I will definitely visit again some time. There are still a few pubs and sights left that I have not seen. After all, it was the right decision to choose Ireland for my semester abroad. Like I wrote in my post before, I will never forget the wonderful time that I had during my semester abroad.

Once again, I can just repeat myself: I highly recommend choosing Dublin and Ireland as the place for a semester abroad, because the people are nice and welcoming, nature is beautiful and Dublin as a city is perfect for students. I just love this country and you will definitely too, I promise. I expanded my horizons, changed my views and gained experience.  It was a total success! I did not regret my decision to take Dublin for my semester abroad. I recommend travelling through the whole country, because you can travel fast and see much beautiful and fascinating things when traveling through the Irish country.

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