10. March 2016 | Von Niklas Franke 

Monterrey – Nos vemos la próxima vez!

What can I finally say about Mexico after going abroad for over six months? If you aren’t blessed with that bad luck like I am referring for example to the gun fight I stepped in during my travellings in the beautiful barranca del norte or the fact that i was lying in hospital in Cancún for 10 days because of a car accident – you just need to visit this wonderful country.

Monterrey – Nos vemos la próxima vez!

Obviously going abroad for such a long time is awesome in every case – and I’m sure every student that took the chance to be part of another culture during his studies will tell you this. You need to adapt your behaviour to the local way of living, regarding different food and especially housing conditions. But you will be fascinated how fast you change your daily routines and needs, assimilated to the other culture.

Mexico will surprise you by presenting itself totally different from the way our expectations are back in Europe. People are welcoming and friendly and there are no donkeys walking on every pavement. There is a variety of delicious food and the landscape is just awesome and super diversed. But I think we’ve already been through that!

In the surroundings of Monterrey for example there are plenty possibilities for hiking, rock climbing and Mountainbiking. The temperature is hot and dry, but there is also a raining period. The more southern you go, the more jungle and wild nature waits for some awesome outdoor experience.

How you want to experience your semester abroad is totally up to you! I met a bunch of great people, travel companians and party crashers. The university in Monterrey is very exhausting and really gets in between your travelling plans – but on the other hand the campus offers an amount of activities which you can join – I for example joined the boxing team for half a year and in this class I met many locals.

And I just recommend to travel to experience the beauty of this country. Sure, there are things getting in your way and moments on your travellings that will pull you down, when something is not working right, in my case for example that somebody hacked my creditcard to buy some expensive christmas presents for his children. But the majority of your moments on travel will show you why it was worth it to do it.

Speaking for myself I defined some goals which I wanted to reach during the semester abroad. Speaking a different language, getting to know more oft he country than many locals and finally having the best time of my life!

Am I missing something from México, right now after coming back home? Well obviously yes, let’s start with the awesome mañaneros, the morning tacos you want to eat every pinche secondly after the first try! And second you will miss the welcoming and friendly way of speaking in contrast to the kind of cold and distanced behaviour in Germany. And thirdly of course I miss the warm mexican temperatures, which means for example sitting in cctober next to the pool or on the balkony in a shirt without freezing.

What’s left to say? I hope you don’t get in some of my worst situations because of bad luck and furthermore I hope I can eat the real tacos, flautas, enchiladas or mole poblano very soon. I actually found a super nice mexican restaurant in Hamburg which owners and employs are directly coming from Mexico City. It’s not possible to serve more authentical food – but i hate the german prices: 3,30€ for a single taco is just cruel.



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