12. March 2018 | Von Lina Matschinko 

Monterrey: Adios Amigos

Its already been two months since I am back home in Berlin. Am I glad to be back home? Yes. Do I still miss Mexico every single day? Yes, very much.

Monterrey: Adios Amigos

It has been such an adventure that not only broadened my horizon but also helped me to meet a ton of lovely people. In this post I will sum up my opinion about the University Tecnologico de Monterrey and about the parts of the country I have seen during my travels.

The University:

The Tec de Monterrey is (like described in my earlier post) a huge campus and has lots of opportunities to get in touch with people, who have the same interests as you. Each course is attended individually, which means one will meet new class mates during each course. I, personally, think of the courses in Monterrey as a sort of school subjects. In general, the courses are more like in school, since one will get homework and write three tests during the semester. Also, attendance is mandatory and participation quite important. This does not necessarily mean, that the courses are any worse than in Germany, they’re just different. I, myself, have to say, that I enjoyed every single course very much. Additionally, I loved the campus. As there are many free periods between the courses, one will spend nearly the whole day on campus. And this is definitely not a negative thing. There are various options of food, one can go to the gym, hang out at the green areas of campus or study in the newly built library.

The Country:

Would I ever go back to Mexico for more travels? Yes, yes and yes! Mexico is such a big country, which is why I have not been able to see every single state during my stay (and six weeks of pure traveling). But from what I’ve seen, I can’t get enough of it. Mexico has so many different places to offer. There are beaches, mountains, big cities, the smallest traditional villages, big attractions and the best food. In the Macro-Worldwide Blog I have described my adventures of every single state I have been to in detail, if you need further details to get infected by my amazement by Mexico. I believe I need to add, that I have not spoken a single word of Spanish, before I came to Mexico. There are not many people, who speak English outside of campus, but you can believe me when I tell you, that everyone was impressed by my Spanish during my travels and that they were super grateful for trying so hard. This kind of sums up the mentality of Mexican people. Everyone is open-minded and kind and welcoming.

The Conclusion:

As you may have noticed, I fell in love with the country Mexico. Obviously, there were many situations I wished the German living standards would apply or that I could not understand the Mexican mentality, but that’s just part of the whole adventure. Looking back at it, I can laugh about these particular situations and I hope very much that I will be able to go back to see more of Mexico in the near future.

Here a few of my pictures from all over Mexico:

Of course, if anyone is interested in visiting Mexico for their semester abroad or as a holiday destination I will be more than happy to give advice, help out and guide you through the cultural peculiarities of this wonderful and unique country.

Hasta Luego and Adios Amigos,


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