8. März 2018 | Von Judith Grünewald 

Looking back with a smile

Being back in Cologne for some time gives a new perspective on the stay in Seville – the right time for a conclusion.

Looking back with a smile

First off, there’s a obvious thing I miss; the weather. Three dark and rainy months makes me miss the sunny and warm, sometimes way too hot, days. Combined with the palm trees that are significant for the cityscape and the small historical alleys, the sevillan sun offers a huge dopamin source.

One aspect that annoyed me back then but seems to be missing now; the size of the city. Sometimes I miss only having one tram line to use and everything within walking distance. Living in a big city in Germany sometimes feels a little to busy and fast. Which leads to another element of Seville that Cologne can’t offer; the spanish style of living.

In Seville, it seemed that everybody was living their life at slower pace. No matter who I talked to, the mindset was based on the believe that everything is fine as it is and that life is supposed to be enjoyed. Now that I am back in Cologne, I am usually surrounded by stressed and rushed people. The general atmosphere in Seville is way more positive, which can sometimes be infectious. But every coin has two sides! For me, being organized and punctual is a normal aspect of living together. It is a sign of respect. Do not expect the same behavior that you are used to in Germany during your time in Seville.

Here is a list of some things you should be prepared for:

1. unpunctuality (your professor won’t be on time, so don’t bother with being on time either)

2. organizational chaos (no one is responsible for any mistake, informations and times get changed daily, deadlines are just front (be sure to train your patience before coming to Spain)

3. loud voices and noisy surroundings (most people seem to be too passionate to talk at a normal level, but if you accept it as it is, it will soon be normal to you)

4. more hugs and kisses, rarely handshakes (spanish people have another definition of personal space)

Another tip that I can give to everyone who is thinking about going to Seville; If you like fitness or going to the gym and you are, by chance, a member of „McFit“, you can use your normal contract! It has good opening times and, like everything else, is reachable by bike! Another handy tip; Always have a good translation app like Pons! You won’t remember or know all the words you need and in times of technology you don’t have to!

Although, I talked about deadlines being easy; do not relax too much! Depending on your tutor in your projects, the working load can get pretty intense at the end of the semester. If you work continuously, you can balance the loading and be able to use your time for other things like traveling.

Time to talk about money; being a student usually means a rather empty bank account. The good things about Seville; no extra fees for the university and cheap ways of going out for drinks or dinner. I was able to stay in the budget that I set myself and didn’t come back completely bankrupt. But don’t forget to enjoy Seville too, it is not the time for saving money but memories!

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