9. January 2019 | Von Chiara Naomi Hertel 

Holiday season in Milan

Milan turns into a magical place with amazing Christmas decoration and lightening during the holiday season. With its many boutiques, shops and streets decorated in Christmas accessories the city shines splendidly.

Holiday season in Milan

The Christmas season

Between the Cathedral Square and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, there is one of the most famous Christmas markets in Italy where you can find festively decorated small wooden huts offering Italian specialities and handmade arts. One of the main attractions in Milan is the illuminated Christmas tree on the cathedral square. During the season the illuminated cathedral attracts many visitors. Every year illumination starts in the first week of December. Another lovely Christmas experience is the musical advent calendar.
Each day another door is opened at 6 p.m. including a little concert on the festively decorated Cathedral Square.

To celebrate the cold season of the year, a huge ice ground is built at the CityLife shopping district. The operator provides enough rental equipment for young and old why it is not necessary to plan the visit. In general, the CityLife shopping district is a place worth visiting all over the year. Especially in winter, the whole complex maintains a Christmassy touch. Besides the nicely equipment shops, the shopping district is adorned with an enormous Christmas tree.

Christmas celebration at the university

A very special event, only organized for the foreign students, is the yearly St. Nicholas celebration party at the Istituto Marangoni. At St. Nicholas Day the university management called us in without us knowing what was going to happen. It turned out that they wanted to drink to our time in Milan and get to know us better. Typical Italian cake called “Panettone” as well as champagne was offered. It was a very nice evening with a cozy atmosphere. For us students it was a nice gesture by the university’s management and showed us that foreign students are valued very well.

Capodanno – New Year’s Eve

Since the semester abroad in Milan lasts from October till March, we had the opportunity to stay in the city over New Year’s Eve. We had a lot of fun during this night and it was a worth experience to celebrate it in Milan. If you take this into account as well, here are some useful advices for you to make the night even better:

  1. Timely organization – Milan is a hotspot to celebrate New Year’s Eve, so make your reservations early to get access to good locations. Probably one of the most popular spots is the “Terrazza Duomo 21”, where you have a direct view over the cathedral square. Another recommendation is “Dry Milano”, which is a much cheaper, but also a nice bar near to the best clubs of Milan.
  2. The metro station “duomo” is closed – If you want to celebrate at the cathedral square you cannot go directly to this spot by metro. You have to leave the metro one station before or after and calculate the extra walk into your schedule. Moreover, it is a very crowded place with a security check. If you are too late, it is possible that you cannot enter the cathedral square for security reasons.
  3. No big firework – Although there are thousands of people, there are no big fireworks like in other cities. People in Milan rather use firecrackers. Therefore, we have been a little disappointed regarding the firework because we expected more. However, we had a lot of fun with the sparklers we brought with us. If you want to see fireworks you have to celebrate New Year’s Eve out of the city center.

Men’s Fashion Week 2019

The Milan menswear fashion shows took place from 11th to 14th January 2019. Some of us had the pleasure to be part of the casting and fitting of the brand “beyond closet”. It was the perfect opportunity to see the work behind the scenes of a fashion show. We worked there voluntarily as assistants and dressers and met a lot of people that could be great contacts for the future like fashion stylists, photographer, models and designers. We will also participate at the Fashion Show in a few days, which will take place in Florence. I am very grateful about the opportunities the Istituto Marangoni provides us and I am excited about the next couple of weeks!

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