13. January 2016 | Von Floriane Kremp 

Dublin – Exam week!

Three month filled with great experiences, exciting trips, new friendships, lots of fun and also a lot of work.

Dublin – Exam week!

Dublin – what can I say?

Marian, Lisa and Johanna already wrote about the things Ireland and especially Dublin has to offer. So I will focus on the “hard stuff”: college life, lectures, assignments, studying and the most frightening thing right now: exam week!

The first week in college was pretty exciting. New people everywhere,, a campus with many buildings and room numbers as well as lectures in English. Our modules were “Microeconomics”, “Marketing”, “Enterprise and Innovation” and “Understanding Audiences and Media Marketing”. Surprisingly it was very easy to follow the lectures. After one or two weeks, you didn’t even recognize that the lecturer speaks in a foreign language. We had three courses with around 40-60 students from all over the world and one course with only MHMK students. The most interesting lecture for me was “Enterprise and Innovation”, because it included topics related to what characteristics you need to become a successful entrepreneur or what is most important if you want to set up an innovative new business. The assignment in this module was also very interesting and challenging: we had to find different innovative ways to support a local charity in increasing their donations and publicity in general. For this assignment we conducted a survey in the city center and asked people about their donation patterns as well as their attitudes towards specific topics. The assignment also includes an oral presentation of our results and ideas.

The assignment in marketing was a “live-project”. We did a market research for a real cloud computing company as well as developing a marketing and PR- strategy based on our research results. Our presentation in front of the client worked very well and the client was happy with our results. Although it was difficult to present in English, we achieved a high mark.

There was one other assignment and an in-class test which meant a December full of studying. But it sounds worse than it actually was: of course we had enough time left to drink Guinness, go into pubs or to make trips to Belfast and the beautiful Giants Causeway.

After Christmas break

After a two weeks Christmas break in Germany I arrived in Dublin at the 7th of January. The following days are easy to describe: getting up, studying, eating, studying, eating and then sleeping. Especially for the microeconomics exam we had a lot of pages to learn. To make ourselves more comfortable with the situation we build a little “study camp” in our apartment. In our “study camp” only jogging pants, coffee and food were allowed.

Our first exam took place at the auditorium with 300 other students. The structure of the exams is different in Ireland: there are around six questions and you have to answer four of them. The answers are required in an essay style, which was quite unusual for us. It’s not enough to simply answer what is asked in the question, you have to write everything you know about a topic, even if its not specifically mentioned in the question. It’s the opposite of the German “being brief”.

Now there is one exam left, it’s in two days and we are all stressed and tired of studying. But besides all the work, we really enjoy our last days here at Griffith College.

All in all it’s to say that we had a great time here in Dublin! I would say one of the best in my life so far. The fist half of our college time was filled with parties, Guinness and sightseeing, but in the end it become obvious that it’s still a full semester which means a lot of work and sitting at the desk all day.

I would definitely recommend Dublin for a semester abroad because it’s an amazing city with open minded and friendly people! And I will be back soon: St. Patricks Day is on March 17th this year!

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