30. August 2016 | Von Sarah Akbari 

Buenos Aires: The city that really never sleeps

My first 4 Weeks in Buenos Aires are amazing. I thought Buenos Aires is a more typically South American City, but it is like a mix of Paris, Berlin, Barcelona and Italy.

Buenos Aires: The city that really never sleeps

I am living in Palermo Alto, a beautiful Area in BA, where you can go out every day, drink coffee, eat Empanadas and Medialunas and enjoy the life.
The Universidad Austral in Buenos Aires is one of the best Universities in Argentina and has a beautiful campus in the city centre. For the first weeks we had to move to another Building, because the Austral Campus at Cerrito had some problems with the gas pipes. But Austral organized really fast a good solution for the problem.
We have classes with internationals from all over the world. Especially French and Americans are here in Buenos Aires and of course a lot of Germans.
In Buenos Aires you have definitely visit La Boca, the popular colourful houses in Buenos Aires. Here are a lot of tourist stores, but it is also really dangerous, because it is a really poor neighbourhood.

Buenos Aires offers a lot of activities. The ones who love to dance can go to open Salsa and Tango classes. On the street at La Boca are Dance Sessions.

Argentina is very popular for the meat and the good wine and for the Alfajor (cookies with Dulce de Leche).
It is obvious that Argentina is separated in Buenos Aires and the rest of Argentina. As far as we left Buenos Aires, I saw a different side of Argentina. A lot of “Barrios” (Ghettos) and pour neighbourhoods. The worst picture when we left the City centre of Buenos Aires was the Barrios, we saw from the highway and in the background the Skyline of Buenos Aires. That shows how Buenos Aires is also divided in different wealth.
Buenos Aires tempt to feel secure because it seems more European than other South American cities, you always have to be careful and have an eye on you bag. Never take a lot of money with you or go out with credit card, passport and other important documents in the same time.
Also in good neighbourhoods like mine, people get pick pocked and men on motorcycle grab your bag during the drive.

Argentina is a friendly country and even if your Spanish is not good, the people are happy when they see you try to speak Spanish as often as you can.

We already did a trip to the Iguaçu Waterfalls and saw the Brazilian and Argentinian Side of the Iguaçu and did a boat rafting tour. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen in my life. The power of the nature at this place is impressive and majestic.

The trip to the Iguacu was organized by an organisation called Argentina for All. For the next trip, I will definitely not take this kind of organisation, because it is really chaotic and you have to be prepared for everything that can happen. But going through South America by bus is always adventurous.
Taking the public transport through Buenos Aires is also really eventually. I did not know that so many people fit in a train. And if it does not fit, it will be make to suit.

Buses constantly pass while you wave to get into the bus, so it is often really hard to be punctual.
What I have learned so far during my first month in Buenos Aires: Take everything like it is coming. You cannot change the people and the methods of doing things. Especially with German punctuality and properness you won’t gain your goal.

For people who are always late for appointments, they will be definitely on time in Argentina because no one is as late as the Argentinian people.

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